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Can you name most common board games in Polish? Posted by on Jun 1, 2021

Board games (gry planszowe) have been played, traveled, and evolved in most cultures and societies throughout history. Board games are tabletop games that typically use pieces moved or placed on a pre-marked board. Why is this post about board games? Because today is an International Tabletop Day! And it is also Children’s Day (Dzień Dziecka)…

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How to celebrate Grandmother’s Day in Poland Posted by on Jan 16, 2017

Every year on January 21st, people across Poland take a moment to honor their grandmother. January 21 is Grandmother’s Day (Dzień Babci) in Poland. It was created by Kobieta i Życie (Woman and Life) magazine in 1964. The idea of celebrating Grandmother’s Day first appeared in the Woman and Life weekly magazine in 1964. A year later…

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Wiersz dla babci i dziadka:) Posted by on Jan 19, 2014

We will be celebrating Grandparents days in Poland soon! If you read my post from last year (Grandmother and Grandfather), you already know more about those 2 holidays, vocabulary and some wishes you can write once you make this beautiful card for your babcia and dziadzio! Today I have a beautiful poem I found (…

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Vacationing po polsku Posted by on Mar 10, 2010

Adam writes: I am away on vacation, so the topic is close to my heart at the moment. And as this is the middle of winter – so it’s a good time to plan your summer holidays. Planning in advance is something that people in Pomerania, Silesia, Greater and Lesser Poland would be more likely…

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