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Tacky in Portuguese Posted by on Dec 28, 2011

Here are three ways to say tacky in Portuguese, meaning something with poor taste. 1. brega Ela comprou uma calça rosa. Que coisa brega! She bought a pair of pink pants. How tacky! noun version: breguice [tackiness, tacky stuff] Não acredito que a casa dele tem tanta breguice. I don’t believe his house has so…

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Modernizing Morumbi Posted by on Dec 27, 2011

Though it’s unlikely to host games during the World Cup in 2014, São Paulo’s Morumbi Stadium is getting a makeover. The stadium is home to São Paulo Futebol Clube, one of the state’s four largest local teams. The project was announced last week by the city’s mayor. According to local media source Jornal da Cidade…

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New Year’s Eve Fashion in Brazil Posted by on Dec 26, 2011

In Brazil, we traditionally wear white on New Year’s eve. Why white? Because white symbolizes harmony, balance, and can be used to purify energies for a peaceful new year! Both men and women alike will wear different white or gold outfits according to the celebration they attend…

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Top 10 Portuguese Blog Posts of 2011 Posted by on Dec 22, 2011

We took a look at our most popular posts this year, and here’s what we found! It’s a great way to review what you’ve learned, or to read posts you may have missed. 1. How Hard is Portuguese to Learn? Find out what others think about the difficulties of learning Brazilian Portuguese. 2. How to…

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Xuxa Posted by on Dec 21, 2011

In Brazil and throughout Latin America, Xuxa is a cultural icon. Born Maria da Graça Meneghel, she was born in Rio Grande do Sul in the far south of Brazil and moved to Rio de Janeiro at age 7. She began modeling as a teenager, and dated two iconic Brazilian athletes: Pelé and Ayrton Senna…

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The iPhone in Brazil Posted by on Dec 20, 2011

Apple products are huge in Brazil, and last week was a big week for Apple there. The company released the Brazilian iTunes, launched the Apple TV, and began selling the iPhone 4S. Plus, for months, there have been rumors that Apple is producing iPhones in São Paulo. Though the iPhone is selling for much higher…

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Brazilian Christmas Songs Posted by on Dec 19, 2011

It’s almost that time again! I love Christmas music. In any language. One thing I do like more about Brazilian Christmas songs that are popular amongst children and well, everyone, is that they’re more focused on what Christmas is actually about and not just Santa Claus, Mistletoe, and Snow (despite the lack of snow here…

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