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Archive for April, 2014

Song: Pensamento, by Cidade Negra Posted by on Apr 30, 2014

Olá pessoal! Vamos terminar abril com uma música muito legal da banda Cidade Negra: Pensamento! É uma música fácil de acompanhar e a letra também é bem fácil para cantar, então aproveite e solte a voz! Pensamento – Cidade Negra Você precisa saber O que passa aqui dentro Eu vou falar pra você Você vai…

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10 Brazilian Slang Words Posted by on Apr 25, 2014

Slang is everywhere! We all use slang from time to time so I chose ten slang words that you can use with no problem (they’re not swear words), ok? Here we go! (Oh, I love this!) [audio:https://blogs.transparent.com/portuguese/files/2014/04/10-brazilian-slang.mp3] Download audio 01. É o cão chupando manga. Literally it means “it’s the dog (or the devil) sucking…

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What The Heck Is A “Jeitinho”? Posted by on Apr 21, 2014

The term jeitinho brasileiro is something that foreigners come to know very soon when they arrive in Brazil. It’s a deeply rooted cultural element in Brazilian culture. But what does “jeitinho” mean? Let’s first learn the expression “dar um jeito”. Dar um jeito (em) = to fix something A torneira está vazando de novo? Mais…

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Having People Over in Portuguese Posted by on Apr 14, 2014

Olá pessoal! Here are some very cool and useful sentences for having people over in Portuguese. [audio:https://blogs.transparent.com/portuguese/files/2014/04/having-people-over-01.mp3] Na chegada dos convidados – When the guests arrive Oi! – Oh, hi. Conseguiram chegar! – You made it! Acharam fácil chegar aqui? – Did you have any trouble finding it? Que bom que você veio/ vocês vieram…

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Real Life Portuguese: Renting A Car Posted by on Apr 5, 2014

Olá pessoa! If you are coming to Brazil on vacation or for the World Cup, you may want to rent a car, so I chose some very useful real life sentences that will help you. [audio:https://blogs.transparent.com/portuguese/files/2014/04/renting-a-car-01.mp3] Cliente Gostaria de alugar um carro. – I’d like to rent a car. Quanto é a diária? – What…

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