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2018 Carnaval hits Posted by on Feb 21, 2018 in Brazilian News, Brazilian Profile, Culture, Customs, Customs, Entertainment, Entertainment, Holidays, Links, Music, Video

Olá, queridos leitores! Hello, dear readers!

Even though the folia (revelry) from Carnaval is unfortunately over now, the major hits that have been playing regularly throughout the celebration still have a lasting hold on its ouvintes (listeners). If you weren’t able to spend your Carnaval days enjoying the festa (party) here in Brazil, you can still have a taste of the catchy music that blasted through the ruas (streets) during those days. Today’s post will show you the biggest summer sensations in Brazilian popular music. And if you care to sing along to the beat, I’ll include a link to the lyrics of each work so you can follow.

You should also know that, as Carnaval favorites, these are mostly funk and pop songs tipically about dancing, casual relationships, fun, slang, sensuality and moving your corpo (body). Regardless of the musical genre you are into, it is always important to get to know what involves people, because entertainment is also part of a culture! Got your moves on? Let’s hit it!

Vai Malandra

We have already discussed the pop phenomenon Anitta in previous posts, so it should come as no surprise that her single Vai Malandra (Go Bad Girl) is at the the top charts in Brazil. Filmado (shot) by renowned (albeit blacklisted) photographer Terry Richardson and featuring names like the american rapper Maejor, the Vai Malandra video was gravado (recorded) at Morro do Vidigal, a favela (slum) in Rio de Janeiro, exposing the realities in the country (including Anitta’s cellulite). The video got a lot of positive reaction from fans, but what draws the most attention in it is the insulating tape bikini she wears. The acessory is a new tendency among sunbathers to achieve better defined tan lines and is now even more popularized by our ambitious diva.


Que Tiro Foi Esse?

Jojo Maronttinni’s Que Tiro Foi Esse? (What was that shot?) sweeped Brazil off its feet as an addictive tune, ever-present on the radios, TVs and sound systems. The música (song), now one of the top listened to on Spotify, instantly went viral and became a meme upon its lançamento (release), rising the curvy and remarkable cantora (singer)  – who was, by the way, also in Anitta’s Vai Malandra video – to the condition of a estrela (star) overnight. Social media went crazy over the song, as people – including celebrities – posted videos of themselves dropping to the ground, simulating being hit as the song toca (plays) the sound of gunshots. Some people even got fired for doing it at work! The song name, however, refers to a LGBT slang used to describe a strong impact provoked by someone or something.


Agora Vai Sentar

Another success is MCs Jhowzinho & Kadinho’s Agora Vai Sentar (literally translated as “now she will sit”). The duo’s captivating hit, in addition to a soft melody that even includes a gripping piano motif, has an impressive contrast of vocals that will get everyone singing out loud. Their track has now reached the mark of over 70 millions views on YouTube.


Espero que tenham gostado! Hope you enjoyed it!

Can you think of any other summer hits that caught your attention lately?

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