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Expressions with food – Part III Posted by on Sep 30, 2018

Bom dia, meus caros! Good morning, my dears! As we have come to learn this month, Brazilian Portuguese has countless expressions, proverbs and saying related to food. So many that we now heading into our third post and still haven’t been able to cover them all! Maybe our passion for eating is so great that…

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The stabbing of the presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro Posted by on Sep 27, 2018

Boa tarde, caros leitores. Good afternoon, dear readers. The upcoming presidential election in outubro (October) seem to have pushed tensions to the limit of chaos in Brazil. Although gruesome, attempting to eliminate your political opponents through the use of violence is by no means unprecedented. The United States, for instance, grapples with the baffling number…

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É primavera! It is spring! Posted by on Sep 25, 2018

Boa noite a todos! Good evening, everyone! A primavera (spring) has just begun here in Brazil! We now say goodbye to the cold inverno (winter) and greet the flowers and nice clima (weather) from spring. I was personally looking forward to it! And what estação (season) are you in in your part of the world?…

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Expressions with food in Portuguese – Part II Posted by on Sep 20, 2018

E aí, gente? What’s up, you guys? Our previous post earlier this week was about the many idioms and proverbs in Portuguese connected to the theme of food, eating and cooking. How about we check out some more today? I would suggest to grab a snack first! Mas cuidado pra não enfiar o pé na…

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Expressions with food in Portuguese Posted by on Sep 16, 2018

Ei, galera! Tudo beleza? Hey guys! Are you alright? If you are feeling hungry right now, you had better head over to the kitchen right now and have a snack before you start reading this post, because today’s post is going to go over expressions and proverbs in Portuguese connected to food. There are a…

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The Museu Nacional fire Posted by on Sep 9, 2018

Saudações a todos. Greetings to all. Museus (museums) are said to be edifícios (buildings) designed to store works of art or objects of cultural and historical interest to the public. If that is so, Brazil started out this semana (week) culturally impoverished after the incêndio (fire) that took place in the Museu Nacional, in Rio…

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