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E aí, gente? What’s up, you guys?

Our previous post earlier this week was about the many idioms and proverbs in Portuguese connected to the theme of food, eating and cooking. How about we check out some more today? I would suggest to grab a snack first! Mas cuidado pra não enfiar o pé na jaca!

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enfiar o pé na jaca

Literal translation: to sink your foot in the jackfruit

Meaning: to go overboard, to overstep your bounds, to drink or eat in excess

  • Chega de dieta, hoje eu vou enfiar o pé na jaca e comer uma pizza | Enough with this diet, I am pigging out tonight and having a pizza
  • Eles tomaram todas ontem à noite e enfiaram o pé na jaca | They really hit the bottle the bottle last night and got wasted

comer o pão que o diabo amassou

Literal translation: to eat the bread that the devil kneaded

Meaning: to face great hardships, to go through hell or a tough situation

  • Minha família comeu o pão que o diabo amassou quando nosso avô adoeceu | My family went through hell when our grandfather got sick
  • Ela está comendo o pão que o diabo amassou para criar seu bebê sozinha | She is going through hell to raise her baby by herself

vender seu peixe

Literal translation: to sell your fish

Meaning: to promote yourself, to convince people of your argument, to pitch a project, to raise your profile

  • Cássia foi na reunião para tentar vender seu peixe para os executivos | Cássia went to meeting to try to make a pitch to the executives
  • Para conseguir vender seu peixe, é preciso chamar a atenção | In order to raise your profile, you have to get attention 

ir com muita sede ao pote

Literal translation: to go too parched to the jar

Meaning: to rush into things, to be hasty

  • Breno foi com muita sede ao pote e ela acabou dando o fora nele | Breno rushed into things and she ended up dumping him
  • Se eles continuarem indo com tanta sede ao pote eles vão acabar não dando conta de lidar com tantos projetos | If they keep being so hasty, they will end up not being able to handle so many projects

chorar pelo leite derramado

Literal translation: crying over spilled milk

Meaning: to regret something that happened in the past

  • Não adianta chorar pelo leite derramado, aceite que você foi mal na prova | There is no use crying over spilled milk, just accept that you failed the test
  • Pedro não contratou seguro para o carro, depois vai ficar chorando pelo leite derramado | Pedro didn’t get insurance for his car, he will be crying over spilled milk later on

Espero que estejam gostando! Tenham uma boa semana! I hope you are enjoying these! Have a great week!

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