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The word ‘chato’ in Portuguese Posted by on Apr 17, 2018 in Brazilian Profile, Culture, Customs, Idioms, Learning, Online Learning, Slang, Vocabulary

Feliz segunda, gente! Happy monday, everybody!

Or don’t you like them? Some people find them very chatas (boring). What do you think?

Chato is a very commonplace adjective in Portuguese and its meaning may very slightly, depending on the context. It has a negative connotation, so it can describe something annoying, irritating and obnoxious, but also something really boring, dull and uninteresting.

Today we are going to take a closer look at this word in Portuguese language so you can get get familiarized and start using it!

A pronúncia – The pronunciation

As we have seen in this post about the sound CH in Portuguese,


the CH in chato is pronounced as SH, so we say it like shato.

Suas formas – Its forms

In this previous post about adjectives,


we learn that adjectives in our language change according to gender and number. Therefore, this goes for chato. We have the following forms:

chato – masculine, singular

chata – feminine, singular

chatos – masculine, plural

chatas – feminine, plural

Check out these examples:

  • CHATO: Achamos aquele filme francês tão chato que fomos embora antes de acabar | We thought that French film so boring that we left before it ended
  • CHATA: Que aula chata! Quase dormi na metade! | What a dull class! I almost slept halfway through it!
  • CHATOS: Os romances policiais desse autor são muito chatos | This author’s detective novels are really uninteresting
  • CHATAS: As pessoas estão ficando cada vez mais chatas | People are getting more irritating every day

Now let’s see some more sample sentences:

  • Fiquei duas horas na fila do banco hoje, foi muito chato | I spent two hours in line at the bank today, it was so annoying
  • Essa festa está chata demais, vamos embora? | This party is so lame, let’s leave?
  • É chato ter que ficar esperando horas no aeroporto | It’s dull having to wait hours at the airport
  • Esse barulho chato do ar-condicionado não me deixa dormir | This air-conditioner’s irritating noise won’t let me sleep
  • Assim que eu preencher esses formulários chatos vou estar livre | As soon as I fill out these boring forms, I am fre
  • Esqueci minhas chaves, que chato! | I forgot my keys, what a pain!
  • O novo gerente é muito chato, nossa | Our new manager is really obnoxious, geez
  • Elas ficam muito chatas quando bebem | They get so annoying when they drink
  • Meus vizinhos são chatos demais, ficam ouvindo música alta a noite inteira | My neighbors are very inconvenient, they listen to loud music all night long

*Note: there is also a more colloquial version of the word: chatice, which means the same thing:

  • Que chatice, me deixa em paz! | You’re so annoying, leave me alone!
  • Esse bar está uma chatice | This bar is so lame

And in your opinion, what do you thing is chato?

Espero que não tenham achado chato!


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