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Samba No Coração – Almir Guineto Posted by on Jul 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

It was a long and quiet Friday afterno on in the office after Brazil lost to Holland on Friday, but things quickly became a little more lively when Uruguay and Ghana faced each other off in penalties and everyone crowded around my boss’ desk to cheer for one team or the other.

In Brazil, we’re passionate about our soccer, but we also get that life goes on.  The same afternoon, people were twitting and posting all sorts of things making fun of the team or certain players (Look up Kaká Bad Boy Facts), and seeing this all makes one realize that, “Tudo termina em samba.” And to honor this saying, Saturday, some of my friends and I headed to Traço de União, one of the most famous samba clubs in São Paulo and the energy was amazing.  There were a bunch of German tourists there, celebrating their win themselves, and doing their own little samba!

Almir Guineto, one of the members of Fundo de Quintal, a traditional samba group, sang, along with Dayse do Banjo, who was amazing as well.  I found this mini-interview with Almir.

What does he tell us samba is?

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