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As the World Cup is about to kick off it’s time to learn or look over some basic soccer vocabulary. I hope the list below can get you warmed up and ready to play the game.


Futebol – Soccer/football
Time – Team
Seleção (brasileira) – (Brazil’s) National team


Jogador – Player
Juiz/árbitro – Referee
Bandeirinha – Linesman/Referee’s assistant
Bola – Ball
Gol – Goal
Trave – Goalpost
Uniforme – Uniform
Torcida – Fans
Estádio – Stadium
Técnico – Coach
Titulares – Starters (referring to players)
Reserva – Bench/Substitute players
Chutar – To kick
Marcar/fazer um gol – To score a goal
Falta – Free kick
Escanteio – Corner kick
Tiro de meta – Goal kick
Lateral – Throw in
Comemorar – To celebrate
Ganhar – To win
Perder – To lose

Campeão – Champion

Can you think of any other important words about soccer/football?

Another great thing to do in order to practice your Portuguese and get in the spirit of the World Cup is to visit Palpita Brasil’s Youtube channel. They are producing lots of videos on Brazil’s expectations for the World Cup. Click here to check it out.

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  1. Jeffrey:

    How about specific positions, like meia or zagueiro?

    • André:

      @Jeffrey Hello Jeffrey, there you go:

      Goleiro – Goalkeeper
      Zagueiro – Back
      Lateral – Wingback
      Meio-campo (Meia) – Midfielder
      Atacante – Forward

  2. mia:

    how do you say “go brazil”?

    • André:

      @mia Hello mia,

      Your answer: “Vai Brasil!”.

  3. Daniela:

    How do you say “fregues” in English? It means a team that often loses to another and it has a pejorative sense, the kind of thing the supporters of the team with most victories would say…

  4. Anthony:

    If you are still on here I would be grateful for the following:
    onetwo combination
    false number 9
    stoppage time
    full time
    pitch invasion

  5. Ana:

    What about centroavante?