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Be cool and Interjections of Surprise in Portuguese Slang Posted by on Sep 17, 2013 in Video

E aí galera? What’s up, guys?

Today you guys will learn some ways to say “Be Cool” and some Interjections of Surprise. So let’s start with the expression “Be Cool”:

The first way to say “Be Cool” is the real meaning of the word: Fica frio (fica = be, frio = cool), and you guys can add cara (as you know “cara” is the same of dude or man). So your phrase will be: Fica frio, cara.

The second way is: Fica de boa, cara. “Boa” means good, and in this case “de boa” is a slang here and it means cool or just OK.

The third way to say it is: Fica sussa. The word “sussa” it is one of those old slang (from my father’s time) that you can still use today.

And the last way it’s: Relaxa. “Relaxa” means “relax”, and we some times use that to say Be Cool.


Now I will teach some Interjections of Surprise, like Oh My God!

The fist interjection is the real meaning of Oh My God: Oh, meu Deus! (meu = my, Deus = God). You can make it short, and just say Meu Deus too.

The second way it’s: Caraca. In some places in Brazil, this word means something dirty, like dirt on the skin when you don’t take a bath.

The third way to say it is: Que Isso!. This interjection it is one of the most used here.

And the last one it is: Puts grila or just Puts. And this interjection it is really old, and still common.

So this guys, were some ways to say BE COOL and some “Interjections of Surprise”. Watch the video below, so you guys can see how to pronounce the words in portuguese, and to see how good I am acting, lol. I hope you guys enjoy it and if you have any question about this lesson, feel free to ask me here.

See you guys on my next post.


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  1. Tom Le Mesurier:

    E aí, cara? 😉

    I also hear “Nossa!” a lot (short for Nossa Senhora, right?). Also, I like it when someone hears something surprising/amazing and they respond with “Mentira!” (liar) – I guess that’s a nice equivalent of the English “No way!” 🙂

    • leandro:

      @Tom Le Mesurier Hey man, how are you doing?
      You’re right, you can also you Nossa or Nossa Senhora. And Mentira it is a good way to respond, but you can also say Sério?, that will mean the same of Mentira at that situation. Nice job man! =)

  2. Tom Le Mesurier:

    I’m good thanks Leandro. Hey, I have something to ask you – can you send me an email so we can discuss? 🙂

  3. frio industrial madrid:

    Acostumbro cada dia buscar posts para pasar un buen momento leyendo y de esta forma he localizado vuestra web. La verdad me ha gustado el articulo y pienso volver para seguir pasando buenos ratos.

    • leandro:

      @frio industrial madrid Me gusta mucho leer eso, gracias y espero que usted regrese mismo y econtre tudo que lo busca (perdón, mas mi español no es muy bueno) =) Saludos.