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Beginner Vocabulary: Food Part 01 Posted by on May 26, 2014 in Uncategorized, Vocabulary


Olá pessoal!

Today I’m starting a series of posts with food names in Portuguese. You may already know the basic ones like maçã, laranja, tomato etc, right?

Now we’re going to dig deeper and take your vocabulary to the next level! Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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abacate – avocado
abacaxi – pineapple
abóbora – pumpkin, squash
abobrinha – zucchini, courgette
açafrão – saffron
acompanhamento – side dish, side order
açúcar – sugar
açúcar mascavo – brown sugar
agridoce – sweet and sour
água – water
água com gás – sparkling water
água doce – freshwater
água mineral – mineral water, bottled water
água salgada – saltwater
água sem gás – still water, tap water
aipo – celery
alcachofra – artichoke
alcatra – top sirloin
alecrim – rosemary
alface – lettuce
alface-americana – iceberg lettuce
algas – seaweed
alho – garlic
alho-poró – leek
almôndega – meatball
ameixa – plum
amêndoa – almond
amendoim – peanut
anchovas – anchovies
arroz branco – white rice
arroz integral – brown rice
arroz selvagem – wild rice
aspargo – asparagus
atum – tuna
aveia – oatmeal
avelã – hazelnut
aves – fowl
azeite de oliva – olive oil
azeitona – olive
azeitonas pretas – black olives

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bacalhau – cod
bacon – bacon
banana – banana
batata-doce – sweet potato
batata frita – chips
batata palha – shoestring potatoes
batatas fritas – fries, French fries
berinjela – eggplant, aubergine
biscoito – cookie, biscuit
bola de sorvete – scoop of ice cream
bolo – cake
bolonhesa – meat sauce, bolognese
brócolis – broccoli
brotos – sprouts
brotos de feijão – bean sprouts

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cachorro-quente – hot dog
café – coffee
café com leite – café latte
calda de chocolate – hot fudge, chocolate sauce
caldo – broth
camarão ao alho e óleo – shrimp scampi
camarões – prawns
canela – cinnamon
caranguejo – crab
carne – meat, beef
carne branca – white meat
carne de churrasco – barbecue, barbecue beef
carne de porco – pork
carne de vitela – veal
carne moída – ground beef
carneiro – lamb
casca – skin
casquinha de sorvete – cone
cebola – onion
cenoura – carrot
cereal – cereal
cereja – cherry
cerveja – beer
chá – tea
chá gelado – iced tea
chá preto – black tea
chantilly – whipped cream
chocolate meio amargo – semi-sweet chocolate
chocolate quente – hot chocolate
chucrute – sauerkraut
churrasco – barbecue
claras de ovos – egg whites
cobertura(s) – topping(s)
coco – coconut
cogumelo – mushroom
costelas – ribs
couve-flor – cauliflower

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