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Carnival in Recife Posted by on Feb 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

While the international media tends to focus on Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival, there are actually many more Carnival celebrations in Brazil worth seeing.

Photo: Recife Guide

One of those is Recife’s Carnival, one of the largest traditional celebrations that attracts partygoers not only for the music and dancing, but also for its historic roots. It also has the world’s largest bloco, a Carnival band that navigates through the streets with revelers.

There are plenty of places to explore Recife’s Carnival online, so here are some suggestions:

Portuguese Blog – overview from 2009

A gringo in Olinda blog – first hand accounts in English

Recife Guide blog – comprehensive explanation in English

Official Recife Carnival website – Portuguese

Terra – news, photos, and videos in Portuguese

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  1. Vintage Barber:

    From what I have seen on television and learn from a couple of friends from Recife and Pernambuco, I think, in many ways the carnaval in Recife is the best in Brasil. Recife need not take a back seat at all to Rio. It is just as beautiful and elegant, first-rate all the way.

    It is understandable why Rio de Janiero gets all the attention but the Recife people seem more connected to the events, display more pride in it and sincerely enjoy themselves more. I hope one day to experience it first-hand.

    When one thinks of Carnaval, tourists and the uninformed may think Rio but the best party in Brasil is in Recife, Pernambuco.

  2. Paul Barnett:

    Thanks for the mention of Recife Guide!

    Carnival is perhaps the most visible expression of a rish history and culture that can be seen in the architecture, music, cuisine and many other forms thought the year. The influences are many and varied: Portuguese, African, Indian, Dutch, French, English, and so on.

    Olinda is a remarkable place that boasts many firsts. The first church of the Franciscan and and Carmalite orders in Brazil, the first hospital in Brazil etc. Thats why it has been a UNESCO world Heritage site since 1982.

    Recife, built during Dutch occupation, is also full of rich histories. One fo the most important is the´Jewish history. The Jews that arrived with the Portugese were the first, but came as New Christians. The jews that came with the Dutch were allowed to practice their faith and built the first Synagogue in the Americas. It is from here that the first Jewish community in New York also originates.

    All these stories and more are on the guide. Together with all the info that a tourist needs to enjoy a stay in the tropical northeast of Brazil.

  3. Benny the Irish polyglot:

    I LOVED the Olinda (Recife) carnaval 🙂 I was there 2 years ago and made a video about the amazing experience.
    3 cheers for Pernambuco!!