Documentary: Curitiba Living Posted by on Oct 8, 2009 in Geography, Learning

Here’s a great video for intermediate speakers, since there are subtitles and the narrator speaks in English. It’s a fantastic short documentary about Curitiba and its high quality of life, due largely to excellent city planning and making people–not cars–a priority.

Check it out!

Questions: Checking Understanding

1. How do you say “a person from Curitiba?”

2. What is “qualidade de vida?”

3. How do you say “efficiency” in Portuguese?

4. How do you say “that’s fine” or “that’s ok” in Portuguese?

5. What is “obra” in English?

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  1. Cris Smith:

    Curitiba offers a high quality of life for its inhabitants? Really? Define high quality of life.The same thing for excellent city planning. It is true that — compared to other Brazilian cities — Curitiba has many advantages. But this just because there are certain things (such as the bus system) that work here, contrary to many other cities in BR. Another really great thing is the number of green parks. However, Curitiba is extremely overrated and the idea that it offers high quality of life is part of a carefully designed political campaign.

  2. Elvis:

    I must agree with Chris Smith. I currently live in Curitiba. It’sgreat compared to the other brazilian cities but it is way overated!! I saw this video before comming to Brazil and I was in asince dissapointed what high quality of life meant for the city with the highest in Brazil. People still go through red lights at night, scared of being in the city center, Rua XV de novembro still sees high crime night or day! Its great compared to other cities in Brazil but it’s no London or Geneva.