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This really fantastic blog for Brazilians learning English is quickly gaining steam.

Over the past few months I have gotten to know (and respect) Alessandro Brandão, the publisher of English Experts. English Experts has been around for over a year, and as of late has been receiving much praise in the online community. Alessandro was recently featured by BBC Online as their language learner of the week, the blog was recognized as the 11th Most Read Blog in Brazil, and is currently the featured site on the illustrious Tecla SAP. Parabens, Alessandro!

Alessandro has a crack staff of contributors (myself included) that post articles explaining the finer points of Portuguese-English translation and language acquisition. I really recommend that any of you who are interested check it out. There is a large (over 3500) subscriber base that is eager to discuss these topics in English and Portuguese. It can be a great resource, especially to the more intrepid Portuguese learners.

As some of you may have figured out, this very blog (Portuguese Blog) is subscribed to by a fair number of Brazilians (Olá galera!!!) who use it as a way to learn new expressions in English. Very crafty indeed… of course since I provide the English next to the Portuguese, it is actually a great resource for both English and Portuguese speakers learning the other language. English Experts is useful in exactly the same way.

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  1. Luiz Aquino:

    É isso mesmo!
    Acho seu trabalho muito bacana, me ajuda muito. E o trabalho do Alessandro também. Tenho um “personal challenge” que é escrever um blog em inglês a partir do ano que vem, vamos ver se consigo….


  2. Christopher:

    Vai conseguir sim Luiz!

    E parabens pela sua iniciativa em ter um alvo desse tipo.


  3. Ulisses:


    Tudo bem? Obrigado pelo link para o Tecla SAP :: Dicas de inglês. Você poderia, por favor, usar nosso novo endereço: http://www.teclasap.com.br/blog ? Obrigado!