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Primeiro dia de outono

Boa tarde leitores! Good afternoon, readers!

Is it just me or is it getting colder? Yesterday was the first day of outono (fall), meaning summer is finally over in Brazil (and in the Southern hemisphere as a whole), so whoever needs a much-deserved break from the hot weather can start celebrating! So today we will go over some facts and phrases that can guide your through this season. Grab a jacket and a warm cup of tea and let’s go for it!

First of all, let’s review all the quatro estações (four seasons):

As quatro estações | The four seasons

As quatro estações (collage idea and original combination by Predavatel) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons)

Verão – Summer

Outono – Fall

Inverno – Winter

Primavera – Spring

  • Costuma chover muito no verão (It usually rains a lot during the summer)
  • As flores abrem na primavera (Flowers bloom in the spring)
  • O clima ameno do outono é bom para caminhadas (The mild weather in the fall is good for taking walks)
  • As praias ficam mais vazias no inverno (Beaches get deserted in the winter)
  • Qual é sua estação predileta? (What’s your favorite season?)

Palavras-chave e expressões | Some keywords and phrases

Frio (cold): Está frio/ Está fazendo frio/ Estou com frio (It’s cold/ I’m cold)

Tempo (weather): O tempo está bom/ ruim (The weather is god/bad)

  • Está tão frio hoje! Vamos tomar um chocolate quente para nos aquecer (It’s so cold today! Let’s have some hot chocolate to warm us up)
  • De acordo com a previsão do tempo, o dia hoje será nublado (According to the weather forecast, today is going to be cloudy)

Clima (climate): O clima está ótimo hoje, vamos sair (The climate is great today, let’s go out!)

Cobertor (blanket): Acho que vou precisar de mais um cobertor essa noite (I think I’m going to need an extra blanket tonight)

Casaco/ roupa de frio/ agasalho/ jaqueta (coat/jacket): O tempo está esfriando, é melhor levar um casaco/ roupa de frio/ agasalho/ jaqueta (The weather is getting chillier, I’d better bring a coat/jacket)

Alguns fatos sobre o outono | Some facts about the fall

  • No hemisfério sul, as temperaturas começam a cair em março (In the Southern hemisphere, temperatures begin to fall in March)
  • O sul do Brasil é a região mais fria do país (The South of Brazil is the coldest region in the country)
  • O outono é a transição entre o verão e o inverno (The fall is the transition between summer and winter)
  • Dada as dimensões continentais do nosso país, nem todos os estados experimentam o outono da mesma forma e o clima varia muito (Given the continental dimensions of our country, not all states experience the fall in the same way and the climate varies greatly)
  • É uma estação conhecida pela queda das folhas das árvores (It is a season known for the fall of the tree leaves)
  • As chuvas diminuem e as temperaturas caem durante esse período (Rainfall decreases and temperatures drop during this period)
  • Os termômetros variam entre 18°C e 25°C e os dias ficam mais curtos (The thermometers range between 18 ° C and 25 ° C and the days get shorter)

*Note that in Brazil we use Celsius (° C), not Fahrenheit (° F)

What’s the weather like where you are right now? And which do you prefer, hot or cold seasons?
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Tenham uma ótima semana! Have a great week!



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