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Gifts in Portuguese Posted by on Dec 13, 2018 in Brazilian Profile, Culture, Customs, Holidays, Holidays, Learning, Vocabulary

Olá, meus caros leitores! Hello, my dear readers!

The holidays are upon, meaning that o Natal (Christmas) will soon be bringing its joyous festivities, typical dishes, family gatherings, office parties and, of course, gifts. Although the holiday season may hold different meanings and in each culture, which may result in different traditions, it is undeniable that getting gifts is a great feeling any time of the year!

Here in Brazil, we normally adopt some conventional western practices when it comes to that, such as placing the wrapped presents under the árvore de natal (Christmas tree). Usually, we exchange them na véspera (on Christmas eve), instead of Christmas morning, like other countries do. Games like amigo oculto (secret santa) and its variations are common during Christmas parties with the family and corporate or university events. Larger companies often hand out care packages with food and drinks to their employees. Brazilians also love to say that they are giving só uma lembrancinha, which means that they are giving you  a little something with symbolic value, a souvenir.

 And what about you? O que você quer neste natal? What do you want for Christmas?

(photo by asenat29 [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Before we go any further into that, how about we review some previous posts on Christmas topics? Take a look:

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Christmas vocab

Word and phrases related to gifts in Portuguese:

presente | gift

presentear alguém | to give (to someone)

dar um presente | to give a gift

receber um presente | to get a gift

comprar algo | to buy something

loja | store, shop

comprar pela internet | to buy online

querer algo | to want something

pedir algo | to ask for something

ganhar de natal | to get (something) for Christmas

gastar dinheiro | to spend money

embrulhar | to wrap

embrulhado | wrapped

trocar | to exchange

sacola | bag

vale-presente | gift-card

cliente | costumer

compras | shopping

compras de última hora | last-minute shopping

Some classic gifts

vinho | wine

doces | candy


dinheiro | money

joias | jewellery

produtos de beleza | beauty care products


vestuário | clothes

calçados | shoes

brinquedos | toys

acessórios | accessories

itens para a casa | household products

eletrônicos | electronics

Now check out the examples below:

  • As lojas costumam ficar muito cheias no natal, então prefiro comprar tudo pela internet para evitar confusão | Stores tend to be very crowded at Christmas, so I’d rather buy everything over the internet to avoid the hubbub
  • O sapato que ganhei do meu marido de natal não serviu, então tive que ir na loja trocar | The shoes my husband got me for Christmas did not fit, so I had to go to the store to exchange them
  • Não jogue a etiqueta fora, caso precise trocar o produto depois | Don’t take off the tag in case you need to exchange the product later
  • As pessoas costumam gastar muito dinheiro com presentes nessa época do ano | People often spend a lot of money on gifts this time of year
  • Você já embrulhou os presentes? | Did you wrap the presents yet?
  • Meu filho pediu um computador de natal, mas como está muito caro acho que vou dar uma bicicleta | My son asked for a computer for Christmas, but since it is very expensive I think I’ll just give him a bike
  • Crianças geralmente escrevem cartas ao Papai Noel dizendo o que querem de natal | Children usually write letters to Santa Claus saying what they want for Christmas
  • Os presentes embrulhados ficam debaixo da árvore de natal | The wrapped presents are placed under the Christmas tree
  • Quando estou em dúvida do que comprar, sempre acabo escolhendo bombons para dar de presente | When I’m not sure of what to buy, I always end up choosing chocolates to give as a gift

Boas festas a todos! Happy holidays to all!


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