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Christmas Special – ‘Salpicão’ Recipe Posted by on Dec 22, 2018 in Brazilian Profile, Culture, Customs, Learning, Video, Vocabulary

É quase natal, caros leitores! It is almost Christmas, dear readers! Quais são seus planos para o feriado? What are your plans for the holidays? Whatever they are, I am sure it envolves celebration, perhaps with the family or close friends. And whenever we think of celebration, we think of comida (food). And what better way of exploring the topic than learning a receita (recipe), and a typical Christmas one at that? So for today’s Christmas special post, let’s go over the steps on how to make a simple and easy salpicão.

O que é? | What is it?

The salpicão is a type of salad usually served for ceia (supper) during end of the year festivities in Brazil. Although it is traditionally a Christmas recipe, salpicão is definitely a Sunday family lunch staple at every household as well. And because of its combination of chicken, vegetables and fruit, salpicão makes for the perfect holiday meal since it is verão (summer) in December here in the Southern hemisphere and we could all use a lighter, refreshing dish to cool ourselves on this hot weather. Ficou com fome? Are you hungry? 

Ingredientes | Ingredients

  • 1kg de peito de frango cozido | 1kg of chicken breast, cooked
  • Duas cenouras | Two carrots
  • 300g de azeitona sem caroço | 300g of pitted olives
  • 200g passas | 200g raisins
  • Uma lata de milho verde | A can of sweet corn
  • Duas maçãs | Two apples
  • Uma cebola | An onion
  • Uma lata de creme de leite | One can of heavy cream
  • Salsinha, azeite e limão a gosto | Parsley, olive oil and lemon to taste
  • 300g de batata palha | 300g of shoestring potatoes

Modo de preparo | Steps

  1. Cozinhe o frango e desfie | Cook the chicken and shred it.
  2. Coloque em um recipiente e adicione a cenoura ralada, milho, a maçã em cubinhos, a uva passa, a azeitona picadinha, e a cebola picada | Put in a container and add the grated carrots, corn, apple in cubes, raisins, chopped olives, and chopped onion.
  3. Misture bem | Mix it up well.
  4. Coloque o creme de leite e misture novamente| Add the heavy cream and mix it up again.
  5. Leve à geladeira. Acrescente a batata palha na hora de servir | Refrigerate. Add the shoestring potatoes when it is time to serve
  6. Bom apetite! | Enjoy it!

And if you want to practice your listening skills too, here is a link with a video of the recipe with clear instructions. Check it out!:

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Feliz natal a todos! Merry Christmas everyone!

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