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Household issues in Portuguese – Part II Posted by on May 22, 2019 in Brazilian Profile, Culture, Learning, Vocabulary

Bom dia a todos! Good morning, all! Minor household issues are totally annoying, but common. So since we come across these situations on a daily basis, we might as well be aware and know how to solve them when the time comes, right? Especially if it is in a foreign language. Today’s text is the final part of our housheold issues posts, with some words and phrases related to actions around the house to help you deal with them. Let’s go for it!

Man painting a wall

Homem pintando parede (Man painting a wall) (Photo by Pixabay)

Limpeza da caixa d’água | Cleaning the water tank

(In Brazil, the majority of houses have a water storage tank – caixa d’água – that that is usually placed on the roof and must be cleaned periodically)

  • Senti um gosto diferente na água, acho que precisamos limpar a caixa d’água | This water tastes a little off, I think we need to clean the water tank.
  • Há quanto tempo essa caixa d’água não é limpa? | How long hasn’t this water tank been cleaned?

Reparos | Home improvement

  • Me empresta sua furadeira? Tenho que pendurar minha estante nova | Can I borrow your drill? I have to hang my new shelf.
  • Vou na loja de materiais de construção comprar pregos | I am going to the hardware store to get some nails.

Infiltração/goteira | Leak

  • O teto está todo manchado, acho que deve ter uma infiltração ali | There are stains all over the ceiling, I think there must be a leak there.
  • Só depois da chuva de ontem que percebi o tanto de goteiras que temos nessa casa | Only after yesterday’s rain did I realize the amount of leaks we have in this house.

Mofo | Mold

  • Esse pão não está bom, parece que ele está mofado | This bread is not good, it looks like it’s moldy.
  • Deixar as portas abertas é a melhor maneira de prevenir mofo em armários | Leaving doors open is the best way to prevent mold in cabinets .

Lixo | Trash

  • Que dia o caminhão de lixo passa na rua? | When does the the garbage truck come around?
  • Não se esqueça de levar o lixo para fora, é hoje o dia de recolher | Do not forget to take out the trash, they collect it today.
  • Preciso separar meu lixo porque aqui no bairro tem coleta seletiva | I need to sort out my trash because we recycle here.

Defeitos gerais | General issues

  • Meu computador parou de funcionarMy computer crashed.
  • O freezer da geladeira não está congelando direito, será que ele está com defeito? | The refrigerator is not freezing properly, I wonder if it defective.
  • Ontem fui usar o microondas e vi que ele estragouYesterday I was going to use the microwave and I realized it is damaged.
  • A água do chuveiro está muito fria, acho que pode estar queimadoThe water in the shower is very cold, I think it may have burned out.

Pintura | Painting

  • A parede está descascando, precisamos dar uma nova mão de tinta | The wall is peeling off, we need to give a new coat of paint.
  • Não gostei dessa parede, que tal a gente pintar de amarelo? | I did not like this wall, how about we paint it ellow?
  • Acho que devíamos pintar nosso muro para dar mais vida | I think we should paint our wall to make it more lively.
  • Você pode me passar o contato do pintor que trabalhou em sua casa? | Can you give me the contact of the painter who worked in your house?

So, have you ever had any other kind of domestic problems? Leave your comment telling us about your experience and do not forget to sign up for more information about Brazil and the Portuguese language!

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