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Household issues in Portuguese Posted by on May 16, 2019 in Brazilian Profile, Culture, Customs, Learning, Vocabulary

Olá a todos os leitores? Como têm passado o mês de maio? Hello to all readers! How has the month of May been treating you?

Moving or spending some time in a new country can be a great source of joy and excitement as a new world opens up and you become part of another culture that is often not similar to yours. However, it is common to find many difficulties in everyday household chores. Simple issues that we used to do almost automatically can turn into big problems with a language barrier. If you are interested in learning some short and phrases in English that can be useful in everyday life, you are in the right place! Today we are going to teach you some of them.

Plumber fixing sink

Problems around the house/ Problemas domésticos (Photo by Pixabay)

Lâmpada | Light bulb

  • Precisamos trocar a lâmpada da sala, porque ela acabou de queimar | We need to change the light bulb in the room because it just burned out.
  • Segura a escada para mim enquanto eu troco a lâmpada? | Can you hold the ladder for me while I change the light bulb?

Gás de cozinha | Cooking gas, gas cylinder

  • O gás acabou enquanto eu preparava o almoço, mas já pedi outro | The cooking gas ran out while I was preparing lunch, but I’ve ordered another
  • Quanto custa um botijão de gás? | How much does a gas cylinder cost?


  • Você já pagou a conta da internet deste mês? | Have you paid for this month’s internet bill?
  • O técnico vai passar hoje a tarde para instalar a internet | The technician will stop by this afternoon to set up the internet.
  • A internet caiu, vou reiniciar o modem | The internet just crashed, I will reboot the modem.

Queda de energia | Power failures

  • Você sabe onde estão as velas que compramos? Preciso delas porque a energia caiu | Do you know where the candles we bought are? I need them because the power went off.
  • Ontem choveu tanto que ficamos sem luz | Yesterday it rained so hard that the power went off.

Cópia da chave | Key copy, spare keys

  • Meu amigo vem me visitar este final de semana, preciso fazer uma cópia da chave | A friend of mine is going to stay over this weekend, I need to make a copy of the keys.
  • Deixei uma cópia da chave para você em cima da mesa | I left you a set of spare keys on the table.

Aluguel | Rent

  • Você se lembrou de pagar o aluguel esse mês? | Did you remember to pay rent this month?
  • Nosso contrato de aluguel expira no final desse ano. Seria bom entrar em contato com a imobiliária. | Our lease expires at the end of the year. We had better get in touch with the real estate agency.

Pia/ Privada entupida | Clogged sink/ toilet

  • Quem deixou esses restos de comida na pia? Ela ficou entupida! | Who left leftover food in the sink? It got clogged!
  • Preciso chamar o encanador para desentupir a pia | I need to call the plumber to unclog the sink.
  • Alguém jogou lenços de papel na privada e agora ela está entupida | Someone threw paper tissues in the toilet and now it’s clogged.

Semana que vem tem mais! There’s more to come next week! Até logo! See you then!

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