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How to apologize and forgive in Portuguese Posted by on Jun 4, 2013 in Learning

Hey, there! How’s it going?

We all mess up one day or the other so it is very important to be able to say I’m sorry and also to forgive and forget, so this is the topic of our post today.


Pedindo Desculpas – Apologizing

Desculpe. – I’m sorry.
Foi sem querer. – I didn’t mean to do that.
Me desculpe por… – I’m sorry for…
Peço desculpas por… – I apologize for…
Por favor aceite minhas desculpas. – Please accept my apologies.
Não fiz por querer. – I didn’t do it on purpose.
Eu sei, isso não tem perdão, mas… – I know this is unforgivable, but…
Não tive má intenção. – I didn’t mean to do that.
Não sei o que dizer. – I don’t know what to say.
Não sou de… – I’m not one to…
Não vai se repetir. – This is not going to happen again.
Juro que nunca mais faço isso. – I swear I won’t do it again.
De fato eu errei, me desculpe. – I did made a mistake, I’m sorry.


Perdoando – Forgiving

Vai, esquece. – Forget about it.
Tudo bem. – That’s all right.
Não tem problema. / Sem problemas. – No problem.
Já até esqueci. / Nem me lembro mais. – I don’t even remember it.
Não foi nada. – That was nothing.
Acontece. It happens.
Essas coisas acontecem. – These things happen.
Isso não é nada. – That’s nothing.

Por hoje é só! Nos vemos em breve!

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About the Author: Adir

English / Spanish teacher and translator for over 20 years. I have been blogging since 2007 and I am also a professional singer in my spare time.


  1. rakesh:

    Hey Adir, can you post an article on the ARTICLES AND PREPOSITIONS used in Brazilian Portuguese? Also, please post an article on the difference between the usage of Adjective possessive like Meu and Minha. Thank you. You are doing a great job.

  2. Rakesh:

    Thanks a lot Adir for posting such a useful topic. I have a friend there in Brazil and I am learning Brazilian Portuguese to converse with him. Can you post an article on Brazilian Preposition, Articles (A,An,The) and the difference between Minhas and Meus. My Email ID is rakeshthepapalite@gmail.com. Thanks.

  3. willem:

    Oi Adir,
    Here in Jaguariúna/SP and even in São Paulo mesmo I heard quite often people react like “Imagine” as a way to say “No problem”.
    Is this another legit way? I hope so because I started using it a lot instead of “Não tem problema”
    By the way: I love your Portuguese Language Blog. Next to Duolingo and the Street my main source of learning Brazilian Portuguese.


  4. Adir Ferreira:

    Yeah, Willem, we use “Imagina” in Bebedouro (SP) too. We also use “Quê isso” or very informally, “Desencana”!

  5. Margaret Nahmias:

    Rakesh There are feminine and masculine of the possesive pronouns. Meu goes for masculine nouns and minha goes before feminine It is the same for all of them
    Meu. minha
    teu, tua
    seu, sua
    Nosso, nossa

  6. sami Zaki:

    muito obrigado

  7. Lettie:

    Getting married to a Portuguese speaking man so it’s in my best interests to learn Portuguese