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How to say hello in Portuguese Posted by on Aug 12, 2008 in Learning

Since it’s been a while since we’ve gone way back to basics, today we’re going to look at how to greet someone in Brazilian Portuguese.

1. Olá! [oh-LAH]

This means “hello!” It’s the more formal way to say hello.


2. Oi! [oy]

This means “hi.” It’s the slightly less formal way to say hello.


3. Tudo bom? / Tudo bem? [too-doo boh-mm? / too-doo baym?]

These expressions literally mean “Is it all good?” But in English, they mean mean “how’s it going?” Also, these expressions are interchangeable.


4. Como vai você? [coh-moh vai voh-say]

This expression literally means “how do you go?” But in context, it means, “how’s it going?” or “how goes it?”

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  1. Rachel:

    i was wondering if there are any popular Portuguese crafts that children enjoy doing, that I could use for my Girl Scout troop?

  2. Vincent:

    Oi or Ola works fine

  3. Trisha:

    Can anyone give me an idea or two about an appropriate gift for “friends of the family” who will be hosting my week stay around their daughter’s wedding in Salvador?

    • vidur mengi:

      @Trisha best gift is a bag (purse)fir ladies nd suit cloth for gents they luv this

  4. Trisha:

    Regarding that gift, the couple is mid-fifties, both employed professionals who live in a high-rise apartment building. Just wondering what items (preferably USA-produced) might be desirable but unavailable or super-expensive in their local area. Thanks for any input!


    I want to learn portuguese