Let’s improve your Portuguese skills in 2019! – Part II Posted by on Jan 31, 2019 in Brazilian News, Brazilian Profile, Culture, Learning, Podcast, Video

Boa tarde a todos! Good afternoon to all!

Our previous posts compiled a bunch of tips, recommended websites and ideas to ajudar vocês (help you) further your Portuguese skills. Now let’s move on to the second installment with some more suggestions! 

Vamos aprender português? Let’s learn Portuguese?

Melhore suas habilidades de escuta | Improve your listening skills

2) Veja as notícias | Watch the News

We already indicated some jornais (newspapers) and podcasts so you can keep up with the notícias (news). But if you are more into TV broadcast, then assistir (watching) programs may be the best way to go. GloboNews was Brazil’s first 24-hour news channel. By accessing their website, you can pick the topics and watch the videos. Subscribers can watch conteúdo ao vivo (live content) as well. On a different note, there’s HBO’s Greg News, a satirical talk-show following the model of programas (shows) like John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight and featuring comediante e escritor (comedian and writer) Gregório Duvivier.

3) Assista ao Youtube | Watch YouTube

Maybe spending hours indiscriminately watching Youtube videos is already part of your rotina (daily life). Truth be told, it is easy to get sucked up into that inviting universe. So while you are at it, why not watch something in Portuguese too? Here is a selection of top Brazilian Youtube Channels, ranging from humoristic to educational and entertaining:

Melhores suas habilidades de escrita e fala | Improve your writing and speaking skills

To some people, writing and speaking can be the toughest part of aprender um idioma (learning a language), since it actually involves an active production. But, to build a solid linguistic foundation, you cannot escape it. Remember all those notícias (news) and books (livros) that we have been talking about since the beginning of this post? Well, now it is time to compartilhar (share) all these new information you learned com os outros (with others)! Finding yourself a conversation parceiro (partner) might be an excellent idea. So entre (join) these salas de bate-papo (chat rooms) below and start the interaction! Finding groups on social networks also goes a long way in making native amigos (friends) to practice all of your skills at once!

I hope these recursos (resources) can be úteis (helpful) on your path towards fluency! Remember that commitment takes many forms and all you have to do is find out what funciona (works out) for you when it comes to practicing language skills. What truly matters is, always mantenha contato (stay in touch) with the language and expose yourself to it as much as possible!

Are there any other tips that weren’t included here that you would like to share? How have you been learning Portuguese? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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