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Parts of the body in Portuguese Posted by on May 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

Olá, gente! Hey guys!

Today we’ll learn about parts of the corpo (body). So here’s a useful word list with images and some examples to give you a hand:

O corpo – The body


  1. Pescoço – Neck

It connects your cabeça (head) with the rest of your corpo (body)

  1. Ombro – Shoulders

It connects your braço (arm) to the rest of your corpo (body)

  1. Peito – Chest

Located between the (pescoço (neck) and the estômago (stomach)

  1. Cotovelo – Elbow

A joint in your braços (arms)

  1. Barriga – Belly

The part of your corpo (body) where your stomach is

  1. Joelho – Knee

A joint in your pernas (legs)

  1. Perna – Leg

Used for ficar de pé (standing), andar (walking) and correr (running)

  1. Cabeça – Head

Located on top of your pescoço (neck)

  1. Seios – Breasts

Located in a woman’s peito (chest)

  1. Braço – Arm

The extension from the (ombros) shoulders to the mãos (hands)

  1. Cintura – Waist

Located at the middle of your (corpo) body

  1. Mão – Hand

Used for tocar (touching) and segurar (holding) things.

  1. Coxas – Thighs

Located above the joelho (knee)

  1. Pé – Foot

Located at the end of your (perna) leg, used for movimentar-se (moving)


  • Nós fomos correr esse fim de semana, agora minhas pernas estão doloridas (We went running on the weekend, now my legs are sore)
  • Eu machuquei meu joelho caindo da escada (I hurt my knee after my falling down the stairs)
  • Esses sapatos estão muito apertados para meus pés (These shoes are too tight for my feet)
  • Lave as mãos antes de comer (Wash your hands before you eat)
  • Coloque suas mãos na minha cintura e dance comigo (Put your hands around my waist and dance with me)
  • Alongue seus braços antes de se exercitar (Stretch your arms before exercising)


O rosto – The face


  1. Testa – Forehead

Located above your olhos (eyes)

  1. Olhos – Eyes

Used for olhar (seeing) things

  1. Nariz – Nose

Used for respirar (breathing) and cheirar (smell)

  1. Dentes – Teeth

Used for morder (biting) and mastigar (chewing)

  1. Queixo – Chin

Located below the boca (mouth)

  1. Boca – Mouth

Used for falar (talking) and comer (eating)

  1. Cabelo – Hair

It grows on your cabeça (head)

  1. Sobrancelha – Eyebrow

Located above your olhos (eyes)

  1. Orelha – Ear

Used for ouvir (hearing)


  • Minha irmã tem olhos azuis (My sister has blue eyes)
  • Seu cabelo está tão cheiroso! (Your hair smells so good!)
  • Ela o beijou na boca de repente (She suddenly kissed him on the mouth)
  • Escove seus dentes depois de refeições (Brush your teeth after meals)

Mãos – Hands


  1. Dedos – Fingers
  2. Dedão – Thumb
  3. Pulso – Wrist
  4. Unha – Nail

Partes Internas/ Orgãos – Internal Parts/ Organs


  1. Cérebro – Brain

Located inside your head, it controls your funções (functions), mental and physical actions

  1. Coração – Heart

It pumps your blood in your veias (veins)

  1. Osso – Bones

Part of the structure that forms the skeleton

  1. Veias – Veins

Tubes that transport blood through your corpo (body)

  1. Pulmões – Lungs

The orgão (organ) used to respirar (breathe)

  1. Estômago – Stomach

Used for digesting comida (food)

  1. Pele – Skin

A layer that covers the entire corpo (body)

  1. Garganta – Throat

A tube located inside your pescoço (neck), a passage from the boca (mouth) to the estômago (stomach)


  • Eu sempre fico com dor de estômago se eu comer comida apimentada (I always get a stomach ache if I eat spicy food)
  • Você consegue resolver esse problema, use seu cérebro (You can solve this problem, use your brain)
  • Leite é bom para os ossos (Milk is good for your bones)
  • Fumar faz mal para o pulmão (Smoking is bad for your lungs)
  • Meu coração bate mais rápido quando vejo ela (My heart beats faster when I see her)
  • Vou tomar um pouco de chá de gengibre para a minha garganta (I’ll have some ginger tea for my throat)
  • Essa cor fica boa nas minhas unhas? (Does this color look good on my nails?)

Let’s head in for the day! Have a great weekend!

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