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Pick-up Lines in Portuguese (Part 1) Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Video

E aí galera? What’s up, guys?

Happy New Year…really late. I’m sorry that took me so long to make a new lesson, but I’m back, and in this one and the next lesson, I will teach you guys some pick-up lines. As you know, this year we have the World Cup here in Brazil, and 2016 the Olympic Games in Rio, and this week is the carnival here too. So I decide to teach you some funny ways to start a conversation with a girl (or guy) here. For starters, I need to tell, usually they (pick-up lines) do not work, but they are so stupid and funny, that the girl will think you are an interesting foreign, and you guys will talk, and the rest it is up to you. So good luck!

Let’s go to the first one:

1 – “Asa de morcego, asa de galinha, se quiser ficar comigo, dê uma risadinha!” The meaning of this one, it is just non sense stuff like: “Bat wing, chicken wing, if you wanna kiss me, give me a little laugh”. The important it is this “poem” rhymes and 99% of the girls laugh after that. As I told you, it is stupid, but the important thing it is make the girl think that you are a funny guy.

2 – “Você gosta de doce? E de beijinho?” The meaning of this one is: “Do you like candy? And how about kisses?” Of the three pick-up lines today, this is the favorite of the girls, trust me.

3 – “Tinha um coqueiro na ladeira, um coco caiu, será que rola?” And the meaning of the last one is: “In the top of that hill, that is a coconut tree, and a coconut fall, do you think it will roll?” The word  “Rolar” in portuguese means roll, but in that case, the meaning is having a thing with someone. So this one it is also a kind of a “poem”.

As I told you guys earlier, those are just stupid lines, and by them self, they usually do not work. But it is a funny way to start a conversation, and the girl (guy) will think that you are a funny person and this will lead to a conversation, and the rest, it is up to you!

So that was today’s lesson, watch the video below, so you guys can see how to pronounce the words in portuguese. I hope you guys enjoy it and if you have any question about this lesson, feel free to ask me here. See you guys on my next lesson.


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