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Prepositions after verbs – Part 01 Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Grammar, Learning

Yes, prepositions are hard to use so the best thing to do is to memorize which preposition goes with each verb. We know that “about” can be translated as “sobre” or “a respeito de”, but when you complain about something, you reclama de something!

Below there’s a list of common English verb + preposition combinations and their Portuguese translation. Remember: reading (a lot!) will help you learn these patterns more easily. Então vamos ler!

agree on/to something – concordar sobre algo
agree with soemone – concordar com alguém
apologize for – pedir desculpas por
approve of – aprovar (no preposition)
ask for – pedir (no preposition)
believe in – acreditar em
belong to – pertencer a
blame for – culpar por
borrow from – pegar emprestado de
care for – cuidar de; importar-se com
compare to/with – comparar a/com
complain about – reclamar de

congratulate on – dar os parabéns por
count on – contar com
crash into – chocar-se com
depend on – depender de
divide into – dividir em
dream about/of – sonhar com
feed on – alimentar-se de
hear from – ter notícias de
hear of – ouvir falar de
insist on – insistir em
laugh at – rir de
leave for – partir para
lend to – emprestar para

Now, why don’t you write sentences using some of the verbs and prepositions above?

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