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Reading Comprehension: Internet Dating Posted by on Mar 24, 2010 in Learning, Technology

For today’s reading comprehension, we’re going to read a BBC Brasil article about an indigenous couple who met on the Internet.

Casal indígena se conhece na internet

Excerpt: “O casal Gasodá Suruí e Maria Leonice, ou Tori Tupari, seu nome indígena, se conheceu pela Internet e até casou pela rede. Eles são um exemplo de como as novas tecnologias estão permeando a vida dos povos indígenas no Brasil. “Muita gente não acredita em internet, eles acham que é uma ilusão”, diz Tori.”

Read the full article here

There’s also a neat little video with parts of the interview from the article, so you can watch that, too:



1. What site did the couple meet on? What program did they use to chat?

2. How far away from each other did the couple live?

3. When did the couple first meet in person? When did they get married?

Answers after the jump.


1. Orkut; MSN Messenger

2. 350 kilometers

3. Last April; the beginning of 2010

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