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While you may remember that preguiça means laziness, it can also be used to describe a famous Brazilian animal: the bicho-preguiça, or the sloth. This animal, which in Portuguese is pronounced bee-shoo preh-gee-sah, not only lives in the Amazon, but also throughout Brazil, particularly in the Mata Atlântica. This sweet, slow-moving creature prefers to hang out in high trees, but sometimes crosses paths with humans.

This week, an interesting story came out about a bicho-preguiça that had a very funny encounter with a paulista. Have a read and watch the video!

Preguiça agarra volante de carro em Campinas, Cosmo

Excerpt: “Um bicho-preguiça foi capturado agarrado ao volante de um carro parado na Avenida Barão de Itapura, no Jardim Guanabara, em Campinas, na manhã deste domingo (14/11). Apelidado de “Rubinho” pelos policiais militares e bombeiros que fizeram o resgate, o preguiça foi levado para a sede da Polícia Ambiental, mas deve retornar ao seu provável habitat natural, no Bosque dos Jequitibás.” READ MORE

Why did the man say he wanted to take the sloth in his car? How did the sloth exact revenge?


He was worried it would get hit by a car, so he was taking him to the vet. The sloth then affixed himself to the steering wheel and refused to get out of the car!

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