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Ticket In Portuguese Posted by on Feb 25, 2011 in Learning, Vocabulary

Sometimes, a vocabulary word is a little easier to learn in a language. Ticket, in this case, is a bit easier in English, since it is used for a variety of different types of situations. But in Portuguese, ticket has different vocabulary words depending on the type of ticket it is. Let’s take a look.

1. Passagem – Travel (train ticket, airplane ticket, bus ticket)

Comprei minha passagem na rodoviária. I bought my ticket at the bus station.

Podemos comprar as passagens do voo online? Can we buy the tickets for our flight online?

Duas passagens para Ubatuba, por favor. Two tickets to Ubatuba, please.

2. Ingresso – Performance or entrance fee (concert, show, exhibition, museum, zoo, movies)

Os ingressos para o show do Rock in Rio são caros demais. The Rock in Rio show tickets are so expensive.

Ela vai comprar o ingresso da apresentação de balé para mim. She’s going to buy the ticket for the ballet performance for me.

Esta é a fila para comprar ingresso? Is this the ticket line?

3. Bilhete – performance or entrance fee (like ingresso); subway ticket

Já comprou os bilhetes para o filme? Did you buy the tickets for the movie yet?

O bilhete do metrô custa três reais. The subway ticket costs 3 reais.

4. Entrada – performance or entrance fee (like ingresso)

Consegui duas entradas para o concerto. I got two tickets to the concert.

Será que precisamos de entrada para o museu? Do you think we need tickets to get into the museum?

5. Ticket refeiçãolunch ticket (paid lunch, a job benefit)

Depois de ganhar o ticket refeição, ele pode almoçar com os colegas. After getting his lunch ticket, he can eat out with his colleagues.

6. Multa (speeding ticket)

Você vai receber multa se não dirigir mais devagar! You’re going to get a speeding ticket if you don’t slow down!

7. Tíquete de estacionamento (parking ticket – but it’s not one from a police officer, but rather the one a valet gives you when he parks your car)

A lei proíbe cobrar multa por perda de tíquete de estacionamento. The law forbids charging a fine for losing your parking ticket.

And finally, you may sometimes hear tiquete used to describe a ticket when you could otherwise use passagem or ingresso, or even in front of bilhete (tíquete de bilhete único). When it comes to ticket in Portuguese, there are many options of vocabulary words to use!

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