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Weather in Portuguese Posted by on Aug 23, 2010 in Learning, Vocabulary

It’s important to know how to talk about o tempo (the weather) in Portuguese, especially when traveling in Brazil. Today we’re going to take a look at a few basic phrases that will help you discuss the forecast and other weather-related issues.

1. Como vai estar o tempo hoje? Como estará o tempo hoje?

When you want to ask someone about the weather, you can simply ask, What will the weather be like today? You can do this using ir (informal future tense) or estar (proper future tense).

2. Vai chover amanhã? Irá chover amanhã?

Worried about the rain? You can ask, Will it rain tomorrow? using the verb chover (to rain), in conjunction with ir in the present tense (informal) or ir in the future tense (formal).

3. Qual é a previsão do tempo?

To ask about what the weather will be like, you can say, What’s the weather forecast? Previsão do tempo means the weather forecast, so you simply add it to “What is…” to create a question.

4. Vai fazer sol hoje? Irá fazer sol hoje?

To ask if it will be a nice day, you can say “Will it be sunny today?” You can do this using ir in the present tense (informal) or in the future tense (formal).

5. Está fazendo muito frio? Está fazendo muito calor?

To ask about the temperature, you can ask “Is it very cold?” or “Is it very hot?” You can do this using the gerund with fazer (to do/make).

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