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Great news for all language students! The TED website allows you to watch videos (all in English) with subtitles in dozens of languages! This means you can practice your Portuguese skills by adding subtitles to English videos where they are available. When you click the links, just look for the text below the video that says “Subtitles available in...”

Watching English video with Portuguese subtitles is a great way that expats often practice their language skills when living abroad, and is one of the ways I found really helpful to learn new vocabulary words. It’s something you are often forced to do without thinking about it when living in Brazil, but while in your home country, it’s a bit more difficult. Here’s your chance!

Plus, TED has several great videos of Brazilians discussing a range of different topics. Check them out!

Juliana Machado Ferreira, Biologist

Click HERE to watch the video in Portuguese

Jamie Lerner, Urban Planner & Mayor of Curitiba

Click HERE to watch the video in Portuguese

Vik Muniz, Artist

Click HERE to watch the video in Portuguese

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