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Celebrating Ukrainian culture with vareniki Posted by on Mar 7, 2022


Following the horrific headlines of Russia’s war against Ukraine evokes many difficult emotions in all of us. It is even more heart breaking during the beautiful week of Масленица we just had. In his last blog, Ryan wrote a wonderful overview of this religious holiday before the season of Lent. Today, I continue our celebration…

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All the пост in one post! Posted by on Mar 1, 2022

For a while now, and especially in the past few days, Ukraine has been in the headlines. How much do we know about this incredibly diverse country, the largest located entirely in Europe? Today I would like to explore the country going into the season of Lent, as this largely Christian country, mostly Orthodox in…

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Pelmeni in Cursive     Posted by on Feb 15, 2022


The most important February holiday is upon us: восемнадцатое февраля — День Пельменей! (Pelmeni day or Russian Dumpling Day) Фото автора Polina Tankilevitch: Pexels *Если вы не знаете, что такое пельмени, быстро прочитайте этот вкусный рецепт от Елены! (If you do not know what pelmeni are, go ahead and read this delicious recipe from Yelena.) This time-tested…

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Back to the USSR: Some products that you can find even today Posted by on Dec 29, 2021

A notable anniversary just passed us; 30 years ago, в декабре́ 1991-го (девяно́ста пе́рвого) го́да СССР официа́льно прекрати́л своё существова́ние in December 1991, the USSR officially ceased to exist, creating 15 new nations. To make a post about the legacy the Soviet system left on this giant chunk of Eurasia would be too long for…

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Listening to Grechka Posted by on Nov 15, 2021


All images are by author (Akbota Yergaliyeva) Yes, you read the title right. This blog is only partially about Russia’s favorite grain гречка (buckwheat). We are going to talk about a wonderful Russian music artist on the rise that goes under the name Гречка (Grechka). It was actually Ryan’s delightful blog on Russian breakfast that…

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Breakfast in Russia and a brief culture trip to 1978 Posted by on Nov 10, 2021

Dear Russian Language Blog, I’m writing to you from the comfort of my desk, where, as always, I am dreaming about the breakfast that, unfortunately, I did not have time this morning to eat. To eat, to eat. But what can one expect to eat for breakfast in Russia? бутербро́д sandwich Open faced sandwiches with…

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Russians don’t cry over baked milk Posted by on Nov 2, 2021

baked milk

Have you ever heard of топлёное молоко́? Baked milk is not a dairy product that frequents markets outside of post-Soviet countries but в России топлёное молоко́ лю́бят все, от ма́ла до велика. And as you will see today, it’s a nutritious drink that has a rich taste and even richer cultural significance in Russia. *Some…

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