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Life in Russia Through 3 Vlogs Posted by on Oct 4, 2018 in Other Blogs, Russian life, video, when in Russia

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Russia or another country where Russian is spoken, or if it’s been a while since your visit, video blogs, or vlogs, are an excellent way to catch a glimpse of someone daily life. This post will feature three such videos and highlight certain vocabulary and cultural tidbits.

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Image via Pixabay

Дневни́к пенсионе́ра (Pensioner’s Diary)

This retired gentleman (пенсионе́р) documents his trip to a charitable foundation (благотвори́тельный фонд) to donate some old clothes (оде́жда). Among the things are да́мские ша́пки (women’s hats) and дубленка (a sheepskin coat). Outside, the narrator comments on the weather (пого́да) in the North (на се́вере) — we can see snow (снег) and snowbanks (сугро́бы).

Оди́н мой день (A Day in the Life)

Russian vlogger Senya (Се́ня) shows us one day in her life. We can see her daughters playing on a tablet (игра́ют на планше́те); then Senya descales her coffeemaker (кофемаши́на). The narrator’s mom, who she refers to as “mother-in-law” (тёща) cooks borscht (борщ).

Senya test her new mascara (тушь). Later in the day, the family goes for a walk (гуля́ет), along with their dogs (соба́ки). Senya ponders saving her guppy fish (гу́ппи) by moving it to a different aquarium (аква́риум). Finally, she fixes herself and her mom a veggie sandwich (бутербро́д).

Пе́рвый день в обща́ге МГУ (First Day in Moscow State Dorms)

Masha Zhukova (Ма́ша Жу́кова) shows her move-in day (заселе́ние) into her university dormitory (общежи́тие, informally called обща́га). We get to see her room (ко́мната) and meet her roommate (сосе́дка). Masha was the first one to move in, so she picked her bed (крова́ть) and desk (стол). The wardrobe (шкаф) is shared by all roommates.

Next, the ladies go to the kitchen (ку́хня) to use the stove (плита́). The following day, Masha answers her viewers’ questions (вопро́сы).

What did you think? Does this remind you of what you saw or experienced in Russia or in your own country? Are there any other vloggers you follow?

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About the Author: Maria

Maria is a Russian-born translator from Western New York. She is excited to share her fascination with all things Russian on this blog. Maria's professional updates are available in English on her website and Twitter and in Russian on Telegram.


  1. Sue Nugent:

    Oops I put it above. I will repeat it. Very interesting and good practice. If you recommend and good vlogs for non native speakers to get practice just listening to, let me know. Any vlog where the speaker is pronouncing well and not too fast, for example Olga Jarell on Amazing Russian.