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More Macabre Sayings Posted by on Oct 11, 2021


While Halloween on October 31st might not be a widely recognized or endorsed holiday in Russia, there are plenty of macabre Russian sayings to use this spooky season. Some are very similar to English idiomatic expressions, for example: то́лько че́рез мой труп – over my dead body. Others are dark but humorous and colloquial. Спать как…

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Ways To Respond To Spasibo Posted by on Apr 20, 2021

Helping to climb

You probably already know how to thank others in Russian. We discussed this topic earlier in this blog. But it’s equally important to know what to answer when someone thanks you. Today we will learn how to respond to words of gratitude. You Are Welcome First of all, I’ll start with the most known expression: Пожа́луйста!…

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Phrases To Express Your Opinion Posted by on Mar 12, 2021

In My Honest Opinion

When writing an essay or in a conversation, you have probably often faced the need to express your opinion. For this, you can use some short introductory text constructions. You may have already heard the most common Russian phrases “я думаю” (“I think”) and “мне кажется” (“it seems to me”). We talked about them earlier…

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Working hard or hardly working: Russian sayings about laziness Posted by on Jul 14, 2020


Not sure if it’s July heat in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan that’s making any effort to do anything three times more exhausting, or the fact that I consumed triple the recommended amount of chocolate fudge cake for my birthday (you only turn 25 once, right?) — either way, I’m feeling like the biggest sloth. So, why not…

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Russian Set Expressions: It’s All in Your Hands Posted by on Jul 2, 2014

In the process of acquiring any foreign language the importance of set expressions cannot be underestimated. Scarce or nonexistent knowledge of these language units is what frequently makes us feel as if our mastery of the language is still in its infancy stages. However, people who have invested their time in learning and implementing…

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How to Say “I am Single” in Russian Posted by on Aug 28, 2013

Superstitious Russian young ladies know that May is the worst month to tie the knot. As the saying goes, в мае выйти замуж – век маяться (to get married in May is to throw life away). Which sounds like a perfect excuse for single men to stay холостой just a bit longer. And the adjective…

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Russian Phrase of the Day – Bells and Whistles Posted by on Aug 16, 2013

Let’s try to switch gears a bit. Some of you have recently asked for advice on moving to the next level of fluency in Russian as well as for tips on building словарный запас (vocabulary). So I decided to experiment a bit here, on the blog. Yes, we do have the Word of the Day…

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