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The thriving international restaurant life of Gothenburg Posted by on Mar 6, 2017 in Culture

Let’s say that if you had moved 10 years ago to Gothenburg you would have found a totally different city. It isn’t surprising. All cities change. But you wouldn’t have found the more fun, continental/international but still Nordic Gothenburg. Good food ten years ago? Forget it. The Nordic cuisine became famous and interesting only in the recent years. Music and design was way ahead of it. It was mainly home cooked meals, pies and the hit was chicken curry in a baguette. Nothing’s wrong with them. Pie is actually one of my favorite but not every day or weekend.

Now there is a variety of foreign food all over the city and trendy cafés, restaurants and a bunch of street food. You find amazing Japanese food and sushi at several places like Yamato, Zozaki or the trendy and remote sushi bar in Majorna called HOZE. You need to book in advance. If you are into ramen you should eat at Ramen-Ya. Chinese food is still not really there but my Chinese friends told me that you should visit Super Sushi and ask for the Chinese menu and not the Swedish. There is a very good Chinese&Swedish fusion kitchen called Dubbel Dubbel Kolibri as well. If you have more money you should definitely try Toso but be prepared to leave a 1000 SEK (100euros) for a 3 course meal for two people including some drinks. A bit less expensive (and you guys definitely should go for food there) especially at lunch time. It is Made in China. It isn’t really “made in China” though but Gothenburg. Just the salad buffet worths the fuss.

There are several really good Vietnamese places though like ViViet in Vasastan, Duy-Tan in Hisingen, Steamy PHO or Vietnamhaket in Haga but it is usually very busy and full of tourists.  Let’s not forget the Vietnamese-inspired streetfood wagon that it’s called Jinxx at magasinsgatan. The pork bun with hoisin sauce is very popular if you are a meat eater. Very busy spot on Sundays. One of my favorite places though is Yammy Kitchen which is a South-Korean family restaurant. Their Bibimbap is to die for.


There are also a variety of oriental food spots, mainly Turkish and Iranian restaurants like Ottomania, Divan in Hisingen or Saray in Gamlestaden. Some popular Persian restaurants are Rumi, Sophie Restaurant and Shiraz where you can taste the southern most Persian cuisine. Another popular spot that we should mention is in the heart of the party district Andra långgatan. It is a Palestinian family restaurant where they serve all kind of Meze and very nice Falafel. With the same profile serving Meze you will find a Lebanese restaurant called Chateau Beirut in Majorna near Stigbergstorget. But if you want to have some cheap but good finger food I would go to Palles falafel and kebab place in Majorna. The place would easily outclass the falafel places in Malmö that is known for the high quality of its kebab and falafel.

The range of vegan and vegetarian restaurants are also booming lately and it is much more easier to be vegetarian or vegan in Sweden than in many other European countries in my opinion. Blackbird is situated in Gothenburg’s hipster area Majorna. Don’t be sceptic about vegan restaurants even if you love meat. You will find plenty of yummy stuff at this restaurant. But most restaurants nowadays have at least a few vegetarian options in Gothenburg. Govindas is another vegetarian option with Indian influence but check the internet for the opening hours because it isn’t open everyday. Thali is also a well known vegetarian spot in the heart of Linnéstaden. En Deli Haga in the Haga district serves usually cold options with a warm soup of the day. Often marinated options with Middle-Eastern influences and the owners are extremely kind so it is always nice to return there for food and some chat. Syster Marmelad is a quite new vegetarian restaurant near Mariaplan in Majorna. It used to be quite a boring Café back in the days but now they have changed the interior and it seems very friendly and promising. Haven’t eaten there yet but it is on my list. The last restaurant in this category that I would mention is Hagabion in Linnéstaden. Hagabion is an old cinema with quite an underground atmosphere where usually the intellectuals of Gothenburg gather together for a beer or two and eat some amazing vegetarian food as well. Try the vegetarian alternative for the meatloaf köttfärslimpa. You won’t regret it.


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  1. Or Cohen:

    It’s quite sad that it was hard to find local food in Sweden. I remember looking for a traditional restaurant serving meatballs in Stockholm a few months ago.
    I went to one that was very expensive and the dish was too small.

    In contrary when I’ve been to Prague, there was local food in almost every street corner. Yes, there was McDonalds and other fast food restaurants, but there was also an abundance of local food.

    I think Sweden has much to offer in this area, and it’s too bad it’s too little and too expensive.

    • Tibor:

      @Or Cohen You are absolutely right. I really miss one restaurant that it was best. If you are in Gothenburg try Köttbullekällaren for meatballs and or Hos Pelle which is a bit more expensive. Strömmingsluckan is also a popular street food spot.