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When I fled the extreme summer in Sweden Posted by on Aug 15, 2018 in Culture

We shouldn’t complain, should we? This has been the most amazing summer in Sweden as far as I can remember. We could bath so much and be outside all the time since the beginning of May. Winter? Bring it on! I feel loaded with vitamine-D

But it’s also been super dry and Sweden has just like some part of the US experienced terrible forest fires. I am more worries than ever because of climate change. I spent 5 weeks on a roadtrip in the US and the heat at times was unbearable or at least I thought so until I came home and realized that we have very high humidity compared to the cities I’ve been to in the States. I started out in Minneapolis where it was warm and humid. It was around 60% humidity. When I got home it was 85% humidity. My flat is on a wooden floor so I was sweating all day and night for several day. I came home on the hottest day in history when it was 34 C in Sweden. Or at least it hadn’t been this warm in 260 years. Read The locals English article through the hyper link.

I have to say that I loved the weather in Idaho. It was warm around 40 C so it was in the 90s (F) but it was dry and the temperature fell at least 10 C at night so you could always sleep very well. By the way we should really learn from Americans when it comes to hospitality and service. Wow guys! You are just awesome, keep up the good work. We should send over Swedes to learn the art of hospitality and service. But I have to admit that I have hard time getting used to your tip culture. I mean if I am at a restaurant and the service is really good I would tip even in Sweden but not for going to the bar and ordering a drink. I think I spent at least 400-500 dollars just on tips during my trip. It’s insane. You don’t have to thank for boosting your economy!

The best part of my trip was to realize how Scandinavian Minnesota is but even in Idaho you can find places called like Little Sweden. Minnesota is full of Scandi and Nordic places for obvious reason but even on the west coast in cities like Portland or Seattle I found traces of Scandinavian cultures, like cafés, Scandinavian breakfast places like Broder Nordich brunch and lunch in Portland. 


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    Thanks.Its very informative and kindly keep sending me
    more such information.
    I am interested to more about Swedish life style and
    benefits of learning Swedish language.

  2. Cindy:

    You were in Minnesota!!?? How did we miss out on connecting – I would have loved to have seen you. Of course, I spent most of the summer in Europe. . . I hope you enjoyed your time here even if the tipping costs were outrageous. (We generally don’t pay our servers a living wage here like you all do in Europe!)

    • Tibor:

      @Cindy I guess I have to come back at some point Cindy!