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My own American cocktail Posted by on Aug 20, 2018 in Culture

This is going to be my last post about my American trip. I promise you some crayfish and mushroom picking as soon as I come home from my holidays. On my US trip I ended up in one of the oldest bars in Minneapolis. Little T’s aka Little Tijuana. The place serves Mexican food but this is actually where I met loads of people with Swedish heritage. Cool punks and trendy hipsters with Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish last names. They love telling stories about how their ancestors got the US and how a Scandinavian trip is so much on their bucket lists or in general about what the heritage means for them. I have heard so many great stories that I could write some short stories.

I really appreciate Americans and their friendliness. You guys send out such a good vibe that I am kind of jealous of that because over here people are more reserved, that doesn’t mean though we are not nice. We just need some time to feel comfortable in a new environment. You usually think twice before you say something in Sweden.

Anyhow, I met several guys with Scandinavian ancestry. I am sure you have heard about the TV-programs Everything for Norway (Allt för Norge) or Everything for Sweden (Allt för Sverige). Well I met two lovely people Noel and Jessica who will be on the next season. They have both Norwegian heritage and they will probably be traveling to Norway pretty soon. I have to admit I have never watched the TV-serie before meeting these two people but I have checked out the program and it is quite funny. Well, also full of cliches from a Scandinavian point of view so sometimes you roll your eyes watching this program. But it is worth watching it in the end of the day.

So I hanged out at this bar a lot. I liked the atmosphere. The owner Debbie is super nice and cool. Their fried nachos with guac is to die for and their drinks are super delicious. The more evening me and my friends spent there the more new friends we met and we felt quite soon at home at this lovely bar. The owner Debbie was working on her new drink list and we were testing the new mixes and came with different ideas. I found my favorite drink pretty soon and it was called the Boozy Floozy. Well, the name is debatable in my opinion 🙂 I don’t want anyone to jump to conclusions. Several weeks after my Minneapolis trip I was in Vancouver when I got a photo from Debbie. I was both overwhelmed and honored. It’s like a piece of history, or your fifteen minutes of fame kind of proud feeling. But also how people leave their marks whereever they go creating human relations over a drink and some food. That what Little T is. It was lovely to see it. If you ever in Minneapolis go to this bar because it has a very unique atmosphere with a bunch of Scandinavians at heart and other cool bunch of people.



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  1. Debbie:

    I❤️You Tibor! Love Debbie
    Please come back soon. Next time we can design a sandwich for you!. 😘😘😘

    • Tibor:

      @Debbie haha Debbie that sound delicious! You are the best thanks so much!