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15 Great Posts About Thailand and Thai Posted by on Sep 10, 2014 in Beginner, Culture, Travel, Videos

We’re thrilled to be back online with the Thai Language and Culture blog after a couple of months off. I’m especially excited to write about Thailand and the language and culture of this fascinating country since I just booked a trip there for next month. This will be my fourth time visiting Thailand, and I’m sure it won’t be the last! Something about this country just keeps you craving more. Maybe it’s the mouth-watering spicy cuisine. Or maybe it’s the inspiring temples. Or maybe it’s the islands, with their beautiful beaches and abundant marine life. Or maybe it’s just the Chang beer and the wild parties all over the place. Whatever it is, Thailand is a special place that everyone should visit at least once. Before you get started on planning a trip here, though, there are a few things you should read up on. Luckily I’ve done the legwork for you to make it easy. Here are 15 great posts from a few years of blogging that will give you a solid introduction into Thailand, the language and culture, and some of the many incredible places you can visit.

1. Introduction to Thai

Start where it all began – a great post that gives you a solid introduction to the Thai language.

2. Bangkok (Day One)

Inside Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok.

Inside Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok.

A travel tale of my first trip to Bangkok a few years ago. Although I didn’t like the city so much on my first visit, it has since grown on me and I’d even love to live there some day.

3. Learning the Thai Tones (Part One)

The fact that Thai is a tonal language trips a lot of people up. Get started on the tones by reading this.

4. The (Real) Way to Say Hello in Thai

So how do you actually say “hello” in Thai? Get taught a few ways in this post.

5. Island Hopping – Koh Pha-Ngan

Atop one of the island's viewpoints.

Atop one of the island’s viewpoints.

Let’s face it – most people come to Thailand for sun and sand. The Thai islands are one of the most popular vacation spots around the world, and for good reason. Tour Koh Pha-Ngan (outside of its infamous Full Moon Party) here.

6. Thai Alphabet (Vowels)

Thankfully, Thai has an alphabet. Learn the vowels first and then we’ll move on.

7. Thai Alphabet (Consonants)

There are a lot of consonants in the Thai alphabet, so learn them and start speaking.

8. Jungle Trekking in Chiang Mai

Our accommodations for the night.

Our accommodations for the night.

Doing a 3-day jungle trek outside of Chiang Mai was the highlight of my first trip to Thailand. From sleeping in small villages, to jumping in waterfalls, to bonding with our guide, it was a great experience.

9. Farang

Learn more about the Thai word for “foreigner” in this well written post that explains some of the intricacies of this word.

10. Temple Etiquette in Thailand

Don't be "that guy."

Don’t be “that guy.”

Don’t be that dumb farang walking into a temple with your beer singlet and flip flops on. Understanding proper temple etiquette will go a long way for visiting Thailand if you don’t want to offend people.

11. What Are the Thai Question Words?

Understanding how to ask questions is an important part of studying any language. Learn the question words in Thai with this post.

12. Provinces in Thailand

All of Thailand's provinces.

All of Thailand’s provinces.

Planning your trip might be easier when you learn all of the 77 provinces in Thailand… in Thai.

13. Muay Thai

Should you visit Thailand, chances are you’ll see a Muay Thai fight at some point. This post will school you a bit on this traditional Thai martial art.

14. Mai Bpen Rai

This common phrase says a lot about Thai culture, so learn what it means and how to use it!

15. The Way of the Wai

Why do people in Thailand usually clasp their hands together and do a slight bow to greet someone? Learn about the wai in this informative post.

Check those posts and videos out, and subscribe to the blog and YouTube channels so you don’t miss out on any of the great stuff that is still to come.

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