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Danish Is A Zoo! Posted by on Oct 19, 2016

A fadbamse and some food. (Photo courtesy of Benno Hansen at Flickr, CC License.)

Isn’t it fun that @ is called elephant’s trunk A (snabel-a) in Danish? 🙂 While I’m sure that other languages use animal expressions too, I love the way dyr (animals) keep popping up in dansk: If something costs en hund (a dog), you’ll have to betale (pay) et hundrede kroner (100 Kroner). Did you get…

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Basic Shapes in Danish Posted by on Sep 30, 2016

(Image from OpenClipart.)

You’ve got the colours, and now you need formerne (the shapes). 🙂 You can certainly guess what cirkel [SEERkl] means. 🙂 Streg [sdry] is a common word for linje [LINyeh] (line). When you’re drawing shapes, it’s hard to avoid streger. Some of them get together to make a vinkel (angle). In the Danish flag, two…

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Danes Do Bo Posted by on Sep 24, 2016

(Photo courtesy of Boegh at Flickr, CC License.)

If you come to Denmark from the south, it’ll maybe be a kind of kulturchok (culture shock) to see just how attached Danes are to their hjem [yem] (homes)! Of course, people in cities går mere i byen (go out more; literally: ”go more in the city”). Still, even in Copenhagen the answer to your…

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10 Great Posts for Beginners Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

(Photo courtesy of Hans-Jörg von Schroeter at Flickr, CC License.)

Are you new to the Danish language? 🙂 In that case: Velkommen! On this blog you’ll find a wide variety of topics of everything related to Danish language and culture. Whether you come to Denmark for the beers and beaches or want to read Søren Kierkegaard in the original language, there should be something for…

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Fun and special words in Danish Posted by on Aug 27, 2016

(Photo courtesy of Cyclonebill at Flickr, CC License.)

Sometimes learning Danish vocabulary can be really fun – you discover items that make you giggle or shake your head in disbelief: How could anyone even think of an expression like that? A Romanian Danish-learner I knew, was absolutely thrilled by the word agurk [uh-GOOAK] (cucumber). ”It sounds like something an alien would say!” he…

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