Hina Khar – Pakistan’s Youngest State Minister

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Hina Rabbani Khar

Hina Rabbani Khar

Hina Rabbani Khar seems to have it all. She is an important political leader in a country where few women have risen, she belongs to one of the least developed parts of Pakistan but has had access to a privileged education. She is young and exceptionally good looking. she was born to wealth, married a rich man and has two daughters. Abroad she became the glamorous face of a country mistakenly known for its bearded extremists while at home she served as a reminder that women could rise to the top despite the best efforts of a chauvinist, conservative culture.

Hina got a B.Sc (Honors) degree in Economics from the Lahore University of Management Sciences and a Master’s degree in hospitality management from the University of Massachusetts in the US before turning businesswoman. A venture in orchids was short-lived and Hina now is a co-owner of a restaurant in Lahore called the Polo Lounge. Her husband is a textile baron who she met at the university.

Hina was born in Multan in November 1977 in a feudal, political family. She is one of eight siblings. Her father is a veteran Pakistan politician Ghulam Noor Rabbani Khar; her uncle, the more famous Ghulam Mustafa Khar who was once Governor of Punjab and with whom Hina did not share warm ties.

She stepped into politics at the young age of 24, her advent made necessary by circumstances. In 2002, her father could not contest elections because a new law required all candidates to hold university degrees. He didn’t have one, but daughter Hina did and she was elected as member parliament. By 2005, she was a junior minister. In 2009 Hina as Minister of State for Finance and Economic Affairs Division, became the first woman ever to present Pakistan’s Finance Budget.

In February 2011, Ms Khar became junior minister for Foreign Affairs and in July 2012, she took over as the Federal Minister, the youngest and first woman foreign minister in Pakistan. Soon after her appointment, Ms Khar visited India and dazzled people as much with her refined oratory as her with her appearance. Much newsprint was devoted to her partiality for her Birkin handbags and pearls, her views on Indo-Pak ties somewhat got lost in the bargain. That debate however has paled before what Hina Rabbani Khar is having to deal with right now. Mrs Khar can politically ill-afford recent rumors gone viral; that link her romantically with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the torchbearer of the powerful Bhutto-Zardari family, the son of Pakistan’s President and co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party. He is 23, 11 years her junior.

Small Talk in Urdu

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Where are you from?

App kahan se hain?

Have you visited my country?

Kiya app ne mera mulk dekha hai?

I like your country a lot

Mujhe app ka mulk bohot pasand hai
This is my first visit (woman speaking)

Mein pehli dafa yahan aayee hoon

This is my first visit (man speaking)

Mein pehli dafa yaha aayaan hoon

I’m here with a group

Mein yahan aik group ke sath hoon

I’m here with friends

Mein yahan doston ke saath hoon

I’m single (woman speaking)

Mein akeli hoon
I’m single (man speaking)

Mein akaila hoon

I’m married

Mein shadi shuddah hoon

Do you have children?

Kiya app ke bache hain?

I don’t have children

Mere bache nahee hain

I have a son

Mera aik beta hai

I have a daughter

Meri aik beti hai

I’m retired

Mey retired hoon

I’m a student

Mein talib-e-ilm hoon

I’m travelling

Mein safar kar raha hoon

I’m here on holiday

Mein yahan chutyon pe hoon

I’m here on business

Main yahan karobar ke liye aaya hoon

Yes, of course!

Ji, bilkul

Of course not!

Bilkul nahee
No way!

Sawal hee paida nahee hota

My e-mail address is ..

Mera e-mail address hey ..
My address is ..

Mera pataa hey ..

What is your e-mail address?

App ka e-mail address kiya hai?
Do you like football?

Kiya app ko football pasand hai?

Can I see a football match?

Kiya mein football match dekh sakta hoon?
Can I see a rugby match?

Kiya mey rugby match dekh sakta hoon?

Who is playing?

Kon khail raha hai?
I am a supporter

Mein saporter hoon

Who is your favorite player?

Aap ka manpasand khilari kon hai?
My favorite player ..

Mera manpasand kilari

He’s a great player

Vo aik azeem khilari hey
He is the coach

Who Coach hai



Pleasantries, Household Items & Shopping Phrases in Urdu

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Casual Pleasantries :
English Urdu Transliteration
Good Morning Subha Bakher
Good Night Shub Bakher
Goodbye Khuda hafiz
Yes Haan
No Nahee
Thanks Shukria
Excuse me Muaf Kijie
Tell Me Bataeeye
My name is .. Mera naam hey
What is your name? Aap ka naam kiya hey
Pleased to meet you Aap se mil kar hushi hoohi
How much does this cost? Iss ki kiya keemat hai
Can you help me please? Baraay merhabani meri madad kijiey
I am trying to learn Urdu (woman speaking) Mein urdu seekhne ki koshish kar rahi hoon
I am trying to learn Urdu (man speaking) Meh urdu seekne ki koshish kar raha hoon

Common Household Items :

English Urdu Transliteration
bath Ghussal
medicine Davai
mirror shisha
soap sabun
towel tolia
sink basin
alarm clock alaram vali ghari
bed bistar
blanket kambal
mattress gaddah
pillow takiya
pillow case takiye ka gilaf
sheet chadar

Phrases used in Shopping :

English Urdu Transliteration
I’d like to buy .. Mein kharidna chaahoon ga
I’m just looking Mein sirf dekh raha hoon
What time does it open? Ye kiss vaqt khulta hey?
What time does it close? Ye kiss vaqt band hota hey?
How much is it this? Ye kitne ka hey?
It’s too expensive Ye bohot mehenga hey
Do you accept credit cards? App credit card qabool karte hain?
That’s all, thanks Bus shukria
It is faulty Ye kharab hey
Will you change it? Kiya app isse tabdeel karain gay?
I would like to try this on Meh isse check karna chahoon ga
I don’t like it Mujhe ye pasand nahi aaya
Do you have a larger size? Kiya app ke pass iss se bara size hai?
Do you have a smaller size? Kiya app ke pass iss se chota size hai?
Do you have another color? Kiya app ke pass koi aur rang hai?