English-Urdu Idioms

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English Translation/English Idiom Urdu Idioms Transliteration
To be strong.  مضبوط ہونا ۔ Mazboot hona
There are more ways to do a thing. کسی کام کو کرنے کا صرف ایک ہی طریقہ نہیں ہوتا ! ۔ Kisi kaam ko karne ka sirf aik hee tareeqa nahin hota
Don’t put yourself at loss for someone else’s profit. دوسرے کے فائدے کے لئے اپنا نقصان مت کرو ! ۔ Doosray ke faaide ke liye apna nuqsaan mat karo
There are no excuses in friendship and a fight. دوستی اور لڑائی میں بہانہ نہیں چلتا ۔ Dosti aur larai mein bahaana nahin chalta
To show interest. دلچسپی ظاہر کرنا ۔ Dilchaspee zaahir karna
Shadow under a lamp چراغ تلے اندھیرا ۔ Chiraagh tale andhera
To respect. احترام کرنا ۔ Ihteraam karna
It’s always the right time to do good. نیکی کرنے کے لئے ہر وقت موزوں ہے ۔ Naikee karne ke liye har waqt mozoon hai
To admit defeat (To throw in the towel) شکست تسلیم کرنا ۔ Shikast tasleem karna
Neither Fish nor Fowl. آدھا تیتر آدھا بٹیر ! ۔ Aadha teetar aadha batair
Unorganized بے ترتیب ۔ Betarteeb
Only others can teach you wisdom (No one is wise by himslef) عقل دوسرے ہی سکھاتے ہیں ۔ Aqal doosre hee sikhaate hain
To hide facts حقائق چپھانا Haqaaiq chupaana
Hidden Enemy (Sbake in the grass). چھپا ہوا  دشمن Chupha hua dushman
To get drenched پورا گیلا ہونا ۔ Pura geel ahona
Time reveals everything. وقت پر سب کچھ معلوم ہو جاتا ہے ۔ Waqt par sub kuch maloom ho jata hai
Feeling of responsibility احساس ذمہ داری ۔ Ihsaas -e- Zimedaari
Everyone’s gotta eat پیٹ سب کا ہے ۔ Pait sub ka hai
The lion and the mouse شیر اور چوہا ۔ Sher aur chooha
Things are not what they seem دنیا ظاہر پرست ہے ۔ Dunya zaahir parast hai
To live within means (Cut your coat according to your cloth) جتنی چادر دیکھو اتنے پاوءں پھیلاوء ۔ Jitni chaadar dekho utne paaon phelao
Keeping the door shut دروازہ بند رکھنا ۔ Darwaaza bund rakhna
To leave when in need مصیبت میں ساتھ چھوڑ دینا ۔ Museebat mein saath chor daina
Virtue serves as an anchor انسان کے لیے نیکی جیسے جہاز کے لیے لنگر ! ۔ Inssan ke liye naikee jaise jahaaz ke liye lungar
To think سوچنا ۔ Sochna
It’s not a crime to be rich دولت مند ہونا کوئی جرم نہیں ۔ Dolat mand hona koi juram naheen
Through newspaper اخبارکے ذریعے ۔

Akhbar ke liye

Travel Related Urdu Vocabulary

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This blog will address Urdu vocabulary related to travel related terms. Here are some typical travel and related words with their Urdu transliteration and use in sentences:

English Airplane
Urdu Hawai Jahaz
Sentence Kiya hawai jahaz uttar gaya hai?
Translation Has the airplane landed?
English Cargo Train
Urdu Maal Bardar Garee
Sentence Kiya maal bardar garee ne station chor diya?
Translation Has the cargo train left the station?
English Ship
Urdu Behree Jahaz
Sentence Kiya behree jahaz abhi tak samundar main hai?
Translation Is the ship still at sea?
English Port
Urdu Bandar Gah
Sentence Kiya behree jahaz bandar gah mein puhanch gaya hai?
Translation Has the ship reached the port?
English Anchor (Ship)
Urdu Langar
Sentence Kiya behree jahaz ne langar gira diya?
Translation Did the ship anchor?
English Airport
Urdu Hawai Adda
Sentence Hawai Adda par buhat rush tha.
Translation The airport was very crowded.
English Submarine
Urdu Aabdoz
Sentence Aabdoz main bees musafir aa sakte hain.
Translation The submarine can take 20 passengers.
English Passenger
Urdu Musafir (Plural sense: Musafiron)
Sentence Musafiron ko buhat ziyada intizar karna para.
Translation The passengers had to wait a long time.
English Wait
Urdu Intizaar
Sentence Logon ko ticket khareedne ke liye intizaar karna para.
Translation People had to wait to buy the tickets.
English Porter
Urdu Qulee
Sentence Qulee ne bag uthaya.
Translation The porter lifted the bag.
English Luggage
Urdu Samaan
Sentence Un ke pass buhat ziyada samaan tha.
Translation They had a lot of luggage.
English Late
Urdu Takheer
Sentence Jahaz ke aane mein takheer thee.
Translation The plane was late coming in.
English Time
Urdu Waqt
Sentence Train waqt par thee.
Translation The train was on time.
English Car
Urdu Garee
Sentence Hamare pass garee thee.
Translation We had a car.
English Rent
Urdu Kiraya
Sentence Hum ne aik garee kiraye par lee.
Translation We rented a car.

Religious Extremism in Pakistan (part 3/3)

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Repainting the National Flag (white portion depicts minorities while the green represents the Muslims)

Repainting the National Flag (white portion depicts minorities while the green represents the Muslims)

(Part 3/3 of the blog Religious Extremism in Pakistan)

Unfortunately, Jinnah could not live longer to provide stability and strong foundation to the country and passed away just a year after the partition. The irony is that the clergy who opposed Jinnah and creation of Pakistan later hijacked the country in the name of Islam. The roots of religiosity lie in the blueprint and arguments of Abul Ala Maududi, founder of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), to transform Pakistan into an Islamic state. The extent of Maududi’s influence became visible as early as 1949, when the Objectives Resolution, defining the foundational principle for Pakistan’s Constitution was passed by the Constituent Assembly, setting the foundation of intolerance, over-religiosity and disillusionment permeating the country in present era.

Irony is that even the Muslim majority represented by green color of our flag is not safe. Ordinary Pakistanis have borne the brunt of terrorism from Taliban who want to impose their own version of Sharia. Over fifty thousand innocent Pakistani have lost their lives in last ten years or so as result of terrorism. Taliban have not differentiated Pakistani citizens on basis of religious during their terrorist activities. However, when Muslims differentiate and persecute non-Muslims using tools of flawed laws; it presents a very dangerous situation.

Military operations like Zarb-e-Azb (going on currently in Northern parts of Pakistan) will certainly help in eradicating terrorism to a certain extent, being mainly limited to physical eradication of terrorists. However, the government, the intelligentsia and the leaders have to make efforts to eradicate the intolerant mind-set that is so rampant across the country, even in so called literates. We have to work on nation building and move forward from disillusioning concepts of Muslim nation and one Ummah. Being Muslim is a given but being Pakistani was taken. We need to re-imagine Pakistan as a state that treats all of its citizens equally and curb its enthusiasm for militancy. Tolerance, religious harmony and equality are the values that will make Pakistan a country as was envisioned by our Great Leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah – whose soul will be perturbed looking at today’s Pakistan.