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Abdul Aziz Al-Kusi: 1906 – 1992 Posted by on Apr 29, 2012

     Abdel Aziz Al-Kusi was a great Egyptian psychologist عـالـِـم نـقــس and is considered the Dean of  the Arabic Psychology عـَـمـيــد عـِـلـم الـنـفــس الـعـربـى . He got the highest honours in Egypt and represented his country at UNESCO. He also was a member of so many specialised national councils and was the founder مـُـؤسـّــس of new…

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Top 20 *Must-Know* Arabic Adverbs of Space Posted by on Apr 21, 2012

Of course, when we talk about adverbs of SPACE here, it’s not necessarily meaning “Outer Space“—but just any space in general! For example, how do you say in Arabic “here”, “there”, “over there”, “near”, “between”, etc.? If you want to be really fluent in Arabic, then, just like we said it a few days ago about…

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How to Drive a Teacher Crazy in an Arabic Conversation! Posted by on Apr 20, 2012

Let’s get this straight: Teachers are not there to be made fun of. In fact, being a teacher is truly a noble profession. The “Prince of Arab Poets“, Ahmed Chawki, is renown for having once said: قُـمْ للمعـــــــلّمِ وَفِّــــــــــهِ التبجيـلا    * * *  كـــــــــادَ المعلّمُ أن يكــــــــونَ رســــــــــولا “Stand Up for Your Teacher to Offer The…

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Arabic is Among Top Spoken Languages in U.S. After Spanish! Posted by on Apr 19, 2012

Es-Salamu Aleykum, my friends!  Anyone who harbored any doubts as to why one would have to learn or improve their Arabic must read today’s brand new تقريـــــــــر (report): According to today’s MarketWatch, a report from Language Line Services, the world’s largest provider of language services, reveals that between Q1 2011 and Q1 2012, Arabic proved to be among the top spoken languages in الولايـــــــــــات المُتَّحـــــــــــدة الأمريــــــــــــكية (the United…

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Top 20 *Must-Know* Arabic Adverbs of Time Posted by on Apr 18, 2012

How do you say in Arabic “today“, “tomorrow“, “tonight“, “sometimes“, “now“, “never“, “forever“, etc.? If you want to be really fluent in Arabic, then there’s no question about it my friend: You absolutely should learn عن ظهــــــــــر قـــــلــب (by heart) the following “Must-Know” Arabic adverbs of time! Every فِعْــــــــــل (verb) must occur in a given زَمَــــــــــــــــان (time) and a given…

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New “Arabic Twitter” To Bring “Arab Spring 2.0”? Posted by on Apr 17, 2012

If you’ve never used Twitter before, maybe it’s time for you to open a new account—in Arabic! Gulf News has revealed today some news that is likely to cheer up all of you who love Arabic in general, and who enjoy to learn Arabic in particular: After the phenomenal growth of Facebook in Arabic, and barely weeks…

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Shamm Annaseem Quiz Answers Posted by on Apr 16, 2012

       Here is the answer to the Shamm Annaseem Quiz that I presented earlier. Answers are written directly without the questions. To see the questions go to the Shamm Annaseem Quiz. 1)  The ancient Egyptians celebrated the advent of spring in Shamm Annaseem? كــان الــمــصــريــون الــقــدمـــــاء يــحــتــفــلــــون بـقــدوم الــربــيـــــــع فـى شـــم الــنــســــيــــــــم 2)  “Shemu Feast” means the…

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