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Shamm Annaseem Quiz Posted by on Apr 16, 2012

Read this blog article on Shamm Annaseem   and answer the following questions: Article Link: Shamm Annaseem Article اقــــرأ الــمــقــال الــتـــالى عــن شـــم الــنــســــيــم ثــم أجــب عــن الأســئــلـة    1) What did the ancient Egyptians celebrate in Shamm Annaseem?  بم كان يحتفل المصريون القدماء فى شم النسيم ؟ 2) What does ‘Shemu Feast’ mean ? ما معنى كلمة…

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Kada and Sisters (Part 2): The Predicate Posted by on Apr 14, 2012

     Kada and its Sisters are special verbs in the Arabic language. We have been introduced to them and their meanings in an earlier post; (Kada and Sisters: Part 1). Today, we will know more about these verbs and about their predicate. Like the verb Kana and its Sisters, the verb Kada and its Sisters…

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العيـــــــــن مرآة النَّفــــــــــس (The Eye is the Mirror of the Soul) Posted by on Apr 13, 2012

« The eye is the true outrider and faithful guide of the soul; it is the soul’s well-polished mirror, by means of which it comprehends all truths, attains all qualities, and understands all sensible phenomena. It is a well-known saying that hearing of a thing is not like seeing it; this was already remarked by Poleron, the master…

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Arabic Immersion Day Posted by on Apr 12, 2012

     Language immersion is a second language learning method in which language learners immerse themselves in the target (second) language. The goal of language immersion is to create a linguistic environment that mimics the environment of first language acquisition. The idea behind language immersion is that, if all incoming communication is in the target language…

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The Arabic Art of Speaking with the Eyes Posted by on Apr 10, 2012

Tongues have their language. But الأعيـــــــــن (the eyes) are endowed with their own kind of language as well. Whatever اللِّســــــــــان (the tongue) is denied to express through plain words, the eye is at liberty to convey with the utmost ease, subtlety, and, yes, even eloquence! To help us decipher the cryptic language of the eyes, we turn to…

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Arabic Dubbed Cartoons: Thunder Jet Posted by on Apr 2, 2012

Rarely have Arabic-dubbed cartoons receive all the praise they deserve: More than a simple work of translation from their original Japanese version, they were also a perfect educational vehicle to improve العربيـــــــــــــــة الفُصحَـــــــــى (Classical Arabic) for at least two generations of kids and young adults, from Dubai to Casablanca! The Arabic Blog is therefore attempting to repair this little injustice by occasionally introducing you to the…

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