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Reading Comprehension Practice 2: عيد النوروز – Nowruz Posted by on Mar 28, 2018

Welcome to the second part of this post. In last week’s post, we looked at a passage about Nowruz, an occasion that is being celebrated in particular countries in the world round this time, particularly on 21st. Mar of every year. This week, I provide answers of last week’s post, check the answers below and…

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Languages Using Arabic Scripts [Past and Present] Posted by on Mar 27, 2018

The spread of Islam during the 650-900 AD in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and in South East Asia between 1200 and 1500 AD was inevitably accompanied by the need to be able to read and understand the Book of Islam, the Quran. Around the same time, the Turks and Africans who embraced Islam had similar needs…

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Coordinating Conjunctions in Arabic Posted by on Mar 22, 2018

A coordinating conjunction is a word that connects two equivalent words, phrases, or sentences. Good examples of this in English are words, such as and, but, and so. In Arabic, coordinating conjunctions are called حُرُوفُ العَطْف. Besides coordination, some have additional meanings. This post is about the Arabic coordinating conjunctions—list and examples. وَ ‘and’ It…

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Reading Comprehension Practice 1: عيد النوروز – Nowruz Posted by on Mar 21, 2018

Welcome to this reading comprehension test, based on Nowrus, which is an occasion مناسبة  that is celebrated in many countries around this time of the yearفي هذا الوقت من السنة . This post will be of two parts: the first part (current one) is based on a reading passage about the Nowrus, with a…

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The Arabic Nominal Sentence: Review and Examples Posted by on Mar 20, 2018

In an earlier post, you learned that the nominal sentence الجُمْلَة الاِسْمِيَّة starts with a noun اِسْم which constitutes its first part and is called the subject/topic المُبْتَدَأ, and the its second part is called the predicate الخَبَر. You also learned that the مُبْتَدَأ must be a definite noun مَعْرَفَة. Besides, it was pointed out…

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30 Arabic Words of Persian Origin Posted by on Mar 18, 2018

Arabic fraught with hundreds of foreign words since pre-Islamic times. This is because the Arab tribes at the time led a simple life and mingling with neighboring more civilized nations/empires, such as the Persians, the Romans, the Babylonians, and the Greek was inevitable.      In the course of their contact and dealings with these peoples…

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Egyptian Arabic Proverbs and their equivalent in Libyan Arabic (2) Posted by on Mar 14, 2018

To pick up where we left last week, we will be looking at two more proverbs in today’s post. As mentioned in last week’s post, we’re going to focus on proverbs حكم – آقوال  in Egyptian Arabic  اللهجة المصرية, which are probably familiar معروفة – متداولة  to many Arabic learners, and we’re going to learn…

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