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Basics of Arabic Grammar Posted by on Jan 20, 2016 in Arabic Language, Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

  • Ahlan, Arabic lovers! Today, we will go back to the basics for some refreshment.
  • Arabic العربية is like any other language. It is a means وسيلة of expressionتعبير and communication تواصُل. It consists of letters حروف that make up words كلمات, phrases عبارات and sentences جُمل.
  • Any speech كلام that consist of two, three or more words with a complete تام sense is called a meaningful sentence جملة.
  • To write or say a correct sentence, one needs to learn the different parts of speech and the function وظيفة of each.

Basics of Arabic Grammar

The Arabic sentence:

There are two main sentences in Arabic. They are:  

                  Ex.: The book is beautiful. الكتابُ جميلٌ

                  Ex.: The car progressed. تقدمتْ السيارة

(Note: All English statements start with a Noun. So, the Arabic verbal sentence doesn’t exist in English)

Arabic Speech:

Arabic speech is made up of different words like these:

Omar  عمر /Omar/            – father أب   /ub/              

mother أم   /om/                – son ابن  /ibn/ 

rose وردة /wardah/            – tree شجرة  /sha’jarah/     

chair كرسى  /korsi/            – dog كلب  /kalb/

love الحُبّ /al-hubb/           – death الموت /al-mawt/

beautiful جميل /jameel/     – tall طويل  /taweel/     

walk يمشى /yamshi/          – run يجرى /yagree/          

write يكتب /yaktob/            – sleep ينام /yanaam/

in فى /fii/                           – on على /ala/                     

but لكن /lakin/                   – how كيف /kayfa/

Arabic Parts of Speech أقسام الكلام

  There are three main categories of Arabic speech (words):

(1) The Noun الاسم /Al-ism/ is a name اسم /ism/ of something that can be realized by the mind or by the senses and that Time الزمن /Az’zaman/ is not part of. Nouns have determiners or markers that distinguish them from other words.

           Ex.:      – boy ولد /walad/          – cat قط /qitt/                   – justice عدل /adl/

                        – river نهر /nahr/           – book كتاب /kitaab/        – pen قلم /qalam/

(2) The Verb الفعل /Al-fi’ll/ is what refers to something happening and the Time is part of. Verbs have determiners or markers that distinguish them from other words.  

           Ex.:         – thanked شكرَ /shakara/               – wrote كتب /kataba/

                           – runs يجرى /yajree/                     – sleeps ينام /yanam/

(3) The Particle الحرف /Al-harf/ which is neither a noun nor a verb and which is meaningful only if joined with other speech. The particle is distinguished because it can’t have a noun or a verb determiner or marker.

             Ex.:        – from من /min/      – to إلى /ela/         – or أو /aw/


Arabic Parts of Speech via

Arabic Parts of Speech via


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Peace سـلام  / Salam/

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