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Celebrations Posted by on Dec 24, 2015 in Culture

On the 23rd of December 2015, most Muslims around the world celebrated the birth of Prophet Mohammed (المولد النبوي), and on the 25th of 2015, Christians in many countries celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, or Christmas (عيد الميلاد). It is very inspiring and meaningful to have both occasions celebrated so close to each other. There are similarities and also differences between the ways both occasions celebrated.

Image from flickr by Amr El Adawy

Image from flickr by Amr El Adawy

Muslims in the Arab world celebrate by remembering the life of Prophet Mohammed and reciting the Quran. There are special sweets and drinks that people have to celebrate. Many families have a special meal as well. I remember when I was young that my mum was very keen of cook a duck for us on the day of the Moulid. We also received candy presents: girls got dolls made out of candy and boys received knights made out of candy. Kids keep them for a week or so, and then  mothers melt them and make them into a sweet pudding. There are also some religious songs that people like to listen to.

Image taken from the

Image taken from the

Some people now think that the birth of Prophet Mohammed is a spiritual occasion that should be celebrated by upholding his teachings and therefore reject all the materialistic manifestations of celebrating his birth.

In the Arab world and in the West, Christmas is celebrated by Christmas trees, presents, turkey and decorations, in addition to religious practices and carols, etc. Interestingly, consumerism at Christmas is criticised for being against the spirituality of the occasion, and there are calls to reject the materialistic manifestations of celebrating the occasion.


There are more similarities than difference, right?


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