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Christmas around the World Posted by on Dec 25, 2017 in Arabic Language, Culture, Vocabulary

Season’s Greetings!

This post presents a listening comprehension exercise based on a video on how Christmas this year is celebrated around the world. The video is from Al-Jazeera Channel.

Image from Pixabay

Please watch the video and answer the questions that follow. You can use the additional vocabulary list to assist your comprehension.

Answer the following questions in English:

Where does Santa Clause arrive in his bus?

What did Santa Clause remember in Florida?

Who is dressed up for Christmas in South Korea?

Answer the following Questions in Arabic:

كيف اكتسب الاحتفال بعيد الميلاد طابعاً إنسانيأً في ألمانيا؟

لماذا يعاني سكان الفلبين في عيد الميلاد؟

كيف يحتفل أطفال سوريا بالعيد؟

ما رسالة بابا نويل الفنلندي؟

Useful words:

بابا نويل  = Santa Clause

حافلة  = bus

عيد الميلاد  = Christmas

على الإطلاق = ever

البهجة  = happiness

أعماق  = deep

سواحل  = coasts

ينسى  = forget

الكائنات البحرية  = sea creatures

البطاريق =penguins

تحشد = gather

طريف = funny

حلة  = outfit

الأنوار  = lights

طابع = character

إنساني = humanitarian

الدفء = warmth

المشردين  = homeless

الفقراء  = poor

الجهد  = effort

دمر  = destroyed

الإعصار  = hurricane

يغنون  = sing

الهدايا  = presents

القطب الشمالي  = the North Pole

تعم  = prevail

مشاعر  = feelings


Come back again soon to check the answers!

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