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Describe Your House in Arabic Part II Posted by on Jun 12, 2019 in Arabic Language, Vocabulary

In last week’s post we learned how to describe our house; how many rooms, size, etc. In this post, we’ll be looking at things you find in these rooms (furniture, fixtures, objects, etc.)

Side note: I’ve been trying to learn French and have been using sticky notes and sticking vocabulary such as these on the actual objects. You could definitely do the same with Arabic vocab! 🙂

Try looking at the pictures and describing what you see in the rooms by creating simple sentences. For example:

I see a desk and a chair in the bedroom.

I see plates next to the fridge in the kitchen.

.أرى مَكتَب وكُرسي في غُرفة النَّوم

.أرى صُحون جَنْب الثَلاّجة في المَطبخ

Kitchen: fridge sink oven chair spoon fork knife plates
المَطبخ: ثَلاّجة  مَغْسَلة   فُرْن كُرْسي مِلْعَقة   شَوْكة سِكّين صُحون


Image provided by Yasmine K.


Living room: window couch television table pillow carpet
غُرفة جُلوس: شُبّاك أريكة تِليفِزْيون طاوِلة مخَدّة سَجّادة


Image provided by Yasmine K.


Bathroom: sink toilet toothbrush toothpaste shampoo soap towel bathtub
حَمام: مَغْسَلة   مِرْحاض فُرْشاة أسْنان مَعْجون أسنان شامبو صابون مِنْشَفة حَوْض الاسْتِحْمام


Image provided by Yasmine K.


Bedroom: bed closet desk shelf hanger mirror curtain light Hairbrush blanket
غُرفة جُلوس: سَرِير خِزانة مَكْتَب رَفّ عَلاّقة مِرْآة سِتارة مِصْباح فُرْشاة شَعْر بَطّانيّة


Image provided by Yasmine K.


Happy practicing!🏠🙂

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  1. Shah Husain Ata:

    Yasmine , I am from Pakistan and I found your Arabic lessons very fruitful and interesting, as I am myself an Arabic teacher. Indeed, your method of teaching Arabic, directly effects on new learner of this language.