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Fareed Shawky: (1920 – 1998) Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 in Arabic Language, Culture, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

Google celebrating the 94th. birthday of Fareed Shawky.

Google celebrating the 94th. birthday of Fareed Shawky.

   Ahlan, Arabic fans! Google celebrates today the 94th birthday of Fareed Shawky Mohammad Abdu. This post is for those of you who don’t know him. Fareed Shawky فــَــريـــد شــَــوْقــِــي was a famous Egyptian actor مــُــمــَــثــِّــل and screen writer كــَــاتــِــبْ ســِــيــنــَــاريــُــو and film producer مــُــنــْــتــِـــج . He was famous all over the Arab world and Turkey. He spent about 50 years of his career and had the richest history in the cinema industry صــِــنــَــاعــَــة الــســِّــيــنــِــمــَــا . He participated in 361 films, 18 plays, and 12 television series, wrote 22 film scripts and produced 26 films. He also worked with more than 90 producers and directors.

     Fareed Shawky was born on July, 30th 1920 in Al-Baghaalah suburb حــَــىّ الــبــَــغــَّــالــَــة in Al-Sayidah Zienab الــســَّــيــَّــدَة زَيــْــنــَــب area in Cairo. His father was Turkish and His mother was Egyptian. The place where he was born is located in the middle of some other famous historical and cultural places. He got his elementary education certificate in 1937 from Al-Nassiriyah School الــمــَــدْرَســَــة الــنــَّــاصــِــريــَّـــة when he was 15 years old. Then he joined the Applied Arts School مــَــدرســَــة الــفــُــنــُــون الــتــَّــطــْــبــيــقــِــيــَّـــة where he got his degree.

    The first film of Fareed Shawky was مــَــلاكُ الــرَّحــْــمــَــة (Angel of Mercy) in 1946 with يــُــوســُــف وَهــْــبــي and أمــيــنــة رزق Amina Rizk. The film was directed by يــُــوســُــف شــَــاهــِــيــن Youssif Shahin. Then, in 1947, he participated in another film; مــَــلائــِــكــَــة فـي جــَــهــَــنــَّــم Angels in Hell. He became a star and produced more and more works. Some of his other films are: قــَــلــبــي دَلــيــلــي My Heart is my Guide with أنــور وَجــْــدي Anwar Wagdy and لــيــلــى مــُــراد Laila Murad, الــلــعــب بــالــنــَــار Playing with Fire in 1948 and الــقــَــاتــِــل The Killer in 1948. He used to represent the role of the villain in most ofhis early films as all his roles were mostly evil.

    In the 1950s, he changed fully to be the hero who represents the good against the evil represented by other great actors like مــَــحــْــمــُــود الــمــِــلــيــجــي Mahmoud Al-Mileejy and زكــي رُســْــتــُــم Zaki Rustom. Distinguished among his films of that era was the film جــَــعــَــلــُــونـِــي مــُــجــْــرِمــًا They Made me a Criminal in 1952. The director of this film was عــَــاطــِــف ســَــالــِــم Atef Salim and story by Fareed Shawky himself and رَمــْــســِــيــس نــَــجــِــيــب Ramses Naguib.Naguib Mahfouz; the Nobel Laureate, also participated in writing the scenario of this film.

    As mentioned before, Fareed Shawky was not only an actor, but he was also a screen writer and producer. He wrote so many films like; الــفــِــتــِــوَّة The Bully Man in 1957 that was directed by نــِــيــَــازى مــُــصــْــطــَــفــَــى , Bab Al-Hadeed بــَــاب الــحــَــديــد in 1958 directed by Youssef Shahin, ســُــوق الــســِّــلاح  The Arms’ Market in 1960, عــَــنــْــتــَــرَة بــِــن شــَـــدَّاد Antara Ibn Shaddad in 1961 directed by Niazi Mustafa and بــَــطــَــلْ لــِــلــنــِــهــَــايــَــة A Hero till the End in 1963 directed by حــُــســَــام الــديــن مــُــصــطــفــى Hussam Addeen Mustafa.

    Fareed Shawky continued in his career till he reached old age but he never stopped. Even he was old, he starred so many films like: رَجــَــب الــوَحــْــش Ragab the Monster in 1985, ســَــعــْــد الــيــَــتــِــيــم Sa’ad the Orphan in 1985, عــَــشــْــمــَــاوي/Ashmawy/ The Hangman in 1987, Heart of the Night in 1989. His last film was الــرَّجــُــل الــشــَــرِس  The Fierce Man in 1996.

     Fareed Shawky married five times and had five daughters. He never got a son and that is why he was nicknamed أبــُــو الــبــَــنــَــات the father of the daughters. he had a comic film with the same name that presents the problems of his daughters with their husbands and lovers. Fareed Shawky died on July, 27th 1998.


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Peace  ســَـــلام /Salam/

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