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Habibi, the Arabic Adagio by Majida el Roumi Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in Arabic Language, art, Culture, Current Affairs, Language

Marhaba! In a previous post I introduced you all to the Lebanese diva Majida el Roumi. Today, I am sharing another musical masterpiece by Majida called ‘Habibi’ (حبيبي) which literally means My Love. The song is based on a classical piece called Adagio in G Minor by the famous 18th century Venetian master Tomaso Albinoni. This classical piece might be familiar to many of you. I personally think that Majida and her band have done a wonderful rendition of this piece by adding beautiful lyrics in Arabic as well as several Arabic instruments in the new musical arrangement.


I have added a live performance of this beautiful song by Majida in form of a YouTube video. I have also added the lyrics in Arabic and translated them into English for you to follow with the song and understand the meaning behind these profound and beautiful lyrics. This is a beautiful love ballad and I am confident many of you here will certainly enjoy it. As you remember in an earlier post, I mentioned that listening to Arabic music and understanding the lyrics can tremendously help you to learn and improve you Arabic language skills!

ماجدة الرومي – حبيبي

Majida El Roumi – Habibi

الليلة عيِّشني حُبَّك

Tonight let me live in your love
الليلة سمِّعني قلبك

Tonight let me listen to your heart
الليلة انساني ع إيديك

Tonight forget me in your arms
وشمسي تشرق من عينيك

And my sun will shine from your eyes
عندي بتساوي هالكون

To me you are the whole word
يا كل الكون حبيبي

All the world my love
شو معنى هالحياة

What is the meaning of this life?
حلم ومارق ساعات

A dream and passing hours
الباقي من عمري بهديك

The rest of life I present to you
وعمري لحظة بتناديك

And my life is a moment in time which calls for you
مبارح وباقي لليوم

Yesterday which remains till today
ولآخر يوم حبيبي

And till the end of days my love
أنا اللي منك إنتَ منِّي

I am from you and you from me
لا لا ما تبعد عنِّي

No, no don’t distance yourself from me
إنتَ أنا روحي أنا

You are me.. my soul is mine…
إنتَ اللي ساكِّني

You live in me
إنتَ اللي عارف إنّي

You know that
إلك وحدك بغنِّي

To only you I sing
شو مشتاقة حبيبي

Oh I miss my love
قول كلمة يا حبيبي

Say the word my love
واحكي للدني يا حبّي

And speak to world oh my love
إنّك إلي وإلَك قلبي

That you are mine and my heart is yours
إلَك من قبل ما كان

Yours since before the birth of existence
ومن بعد الزمان

And till the end of time
هالقلب العشقان

This heart is in love
وشو بقلّك كمان

What else can I tell you?
والليلة غمرني بجنون

Tonight hug me madly
خلِّي اللي ما كان يكون

Let what has not been be now…
وتقلَّك دمعة العيون

And a tear of the eyes will tell you
إنتَ أنـا

You are me..
روحي أنـا

My soul…
بحبَّك أنـا حبيبي

It is I who love you my love…

Stay tuned for upcoming posts.

Have a nice day!

نهاركم سعيد

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