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Happy Mother’s Day Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in Arabic Language, Culture, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

           Today is Mother’s Day عيد الأم in the Arab World and in some other countries, so  congratulations to all mothers all over the world in their day that coincides with the beginning of the spring season فصل الربيع .

       The first person in the Arab world to call for a day for mothers was the Egyptian famous journalist Ali Ameen who was the founder of the Akhbaar Al-Yawm أخبار اليوم (Today’s News) newspaper. Ameen used to write a daily article called Fikrah فكرة (An Idea). He also used to receive messages form a wide range of his readers who were asking for his advice. Then, it happened that Ameen received a message from a mother who was complaining about how her sons were ungrateful to her after all her sacrifices. Another woman visited him in his office with a similar complaint. Ameen was a kind-hearted طيب القلب man, so he was moved and in one of his daily articles, he suggested marking a day for mothers in Egypt and the Middle East. He said, “Why don’t we agree on day that we can call ‘Mother’s Day’ and make it a national day in our country and in the East … in such a day, children give small presents to their mothers and send small letters thanking their mothers … Why don’t we encourage our children to treat their mothers as a queen ملكة in that day … preventing her form doing any housework أعمال المنزل and doing such work for her…” At the end of this article, Ameen asked his readers which day they think is the best day. Lots and lots of the readers liked the idea and sent him suggestions that were mostly in favor of choosing March, 21 as the Mother’s Day. The day was chosen with the beginning of the spring season as a sign of giving العطاء , flourishing الازدهار , purity النقاء and goodness الخير . The first Mother’s Day was celebrated on March, 21, 1956 and thus the idea spread from Egypt all over the Arab World. Celebrations continue to be held on that day and classical songs celebrating mothers remain famous up till today.



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