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I Love Your Hands Posted by on Oct 19, 2016 in Culture

Faia Younan (فايا يونان ) is a 22 year old Syrian singer who uses her art to talk about her country and about the situation in all Arab countries. She is originally from Aleppo (حلب), and though she studied economics, her love for singing drove her to create a YouTube channel for herself and launch her first song which achieved more than 2 million views.

Image from youtube

Image from youtube

In this post, I present one of her most famous songs; أحب يديك which has more than 4 million views:

عيناك حلمي الذي سيكون

Your eyes are my big dream

كبيراً كما يحلم المتعبون

a dream as big as tired people’s dreams

كبيراً كخير بلادي

as big as the goodness of my country

يداك تلوّح للعائدين

Your hands wave to the people returning home

وتحمل خبزاً إلى الجائعين

and carry bread to the hungry ones

أحبُ يديكَ…

…I love your hands

وأكثر أكثر أحب بلادي

but more and more… I love my country

ستكون لي لو تعشق الأوطان مثلي

You will be mine if you love homelands like I do

سأكون لك لو عاد للأوطان أهلي

I will be yours If my people get back home

عرسي هنالك حيث يحملني فؤادي

There my wedding will be, where my heart carries me

وأموت فيك أموت فيك

and I die for you, die for you

متى تموت على بلادي

when you’re ready to die for my country

وأنا أحبك كي ندوس على المدافع

And me… I love you so that we together could step on cannons

وتضيق بالأطفال ساحات الشوارع

and the streets get over-crowded with kids

ومتى يعود الصبح من بين الرماد

and when the morning arises from the ashes

سأموت فيك أموت فيك

I will die for you, I will die for you

وقد أخونك مع بلادي

and I might cheat on you with my country

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